Gorski and Jones

I’m a pain in the ass with birthdays.

I keep mine very quiet, but when it comes to someone else’s… I’m that annoying person who goes around telling EVERYONE that someone’s birthday is coming up (tick), or who’ll bake a cake and make everyone sing happy birthday (tick), or even decorate someone’s desk with a massive Happy Birthday banner and balloons (tick).

Bro’s birthday was earlier this month, and apparently his gf likes birthdays too, because she did so many amazing things to celebrate. He was whisked away on a surprise weekend to Sydney, there was a birthday dinner, a birthday party AND an epic hamburger cake. Talk about spoilt!

On his actual birthday, Bro’s gf booked dinner at Gorski and Jones, on Smith Street in Collingwood. They open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, in a rather industrial, funky looking, bare bricked room that is unfortunately (for food photography anyway) rather dark in the evening.


Celeriac and apple soup

I like celeriac but I find it incredibly annoying to write about. And it’s not really poor celeriac’s fault. It’s because, try as I might, celeriac is one of those words that I just *can’t* spell.

I’m no spelling bee champion, but I’m a fairly good speller. Despite that, EVERY SINGLE TIME I type celeriac, it comes out as celeraic.

I’m starting to think it’s a conspiracy. I’m spelling it right and everyone else is spelling it wrong. (It’s the only explanation.)


Rabbit Pie

Sponsored by Nuffnang and Prahran Market.

After my Prahran market visit the other week, I was all inspired by the produce available there. In particular, the rabbits from the John Cester Poultry and Game stall caught my eye and had me dreaming of a hearty flakey pie stuffed full of a savoury bunny and vegetable mixture.

With that in mind, I made a return visit to the market to pick up ingredients – a couple of rabbits and assorted vegetables.


Appetite for excellence: Whet your appetite

Disclosure: I attended courtesy of Electrolux Appetite for Excellence.

Electrolux Appetite for Excellence is a national awards program held annually that celebrates the best young chefs, waiters and restaurateurs. The other week I was invited to a dinner – Whet Your Appetite – where the Victorian finalists worked together to create a meal.

Participants for the dinner were:

  • Jake Nicolson, Circa the Prince: 2008 Electrolux Australian Young Chef Winner
  • Kah-wai Lo, Hare & Grace: 2012 Electrolux Australian Young Chef National Finalist
  • Michael Fox, Henry & The Fox: 2012 Electrolux Australian Young Chef National Finalist
  • Michael Demagistris, Sorrento Golf Club: 2012 Electrolux Australian Young Chef National Finalist
  • Damien Byrne, Lot 7: 2012 Electrolux Australian Young Waiter National Finalist
  • Pierre-Etienne Geoffroy, Jacques Reymond: 2012 Electrolux Australian Young Waiter National Finalist
  • Simone Spicer, Pei Modern: 2012 Electrolux Australian Young Waiter National Finalist
  • (more…)

    Nama Nama

    New Japanese cafe, Nama Nama, opened in late June on the corner of Flinders Lane and Spring Street, taking over the space that used to be Verge. It hasn’t been open for long, but has already attracted a lot of interest.

    Owned by the team behind Izakaya Den (Simon Denton, Miyuki Nakahara and Takashi Omi), Nama Nama is sleek and shiny. They open for breakfast and lunch, and the udon noodles are made in house and kneaded by feet.

    Errr. Wait. What was that last one?


    The week in brief: 6 August – 12 August

    This week: Catspam! Cuddle edition! Plus dinner at Shed 5, Gorski and Jones, HAMBURGER CAKE (!!!), breakfast at Reverence Specialty Coffee & Tea and crispy prawns. Mhhhhhmmm.

    Also, thanks for the blog birthday wishes. 🙂


    Claremont Tonic

    Disclosure: My meal was courtesy of Claremont Tonic.

    While Claremont Tonic might sound like a beverage or a skin care product, it’s actually the latest restaurant by Davis Yu and Maison Davis (the folks behind Touche Hombre and the Millswyn). It opened very recently in South Yarra, serving modern Asian food in a funky setting. And to be honest, once I learnt the kind of food it served – I thought I might dislike it.


    Honey and earl grey teacakes

    Guess what? It’s the FIFTH ANNIVERSARY of my blog.


    Holy crapballs, I can’t believe I’ve been posting on Off the spork for so long. I NEVER suspected that I would still be here five years later. That’s half a decade, man!