The week in brief: 25 June – 1 July

This week: a wine dinner at Livingroom, date night with whiskey and my Dastardly friend, a very burgery weekend, and comics.

Also, no catspam this week. I blame the Instagram outage.

On Wednesday I went to Livingroom for the Wirra Wirra wine dinner (disclosure – it was complimentary).

It was fun, the food was good, I drank some good wine, plus I got to hang out with Hazzie – a more in depth post to come.

On Friday night, Hazzie and I had a girls’ night out at The Commoner. YAY. We did their Whiskey Business menu – 5 courses matched with different whiskies. Obviously Haz and I hadn’t drunk enough alcohol at the Livingroom dinner…

We had a very nice night talking BS, helped by the whiskey and the fact that the food at The Commoner is always good. Our favourite item was the black pudding – it is unbelievably delicious.

Here’s my previous post about The Commoner.

When I wasn’t gallivanting around town boozing it up with my Dastardly friend, I was at home eating fresh sausage (see last week) and zucchini noodles.

Have I talked about zucchini noodles before? You know they’re not noodles, right? I use the mandolin to cut zucchini into thin strips, after which I pour boiling water over. Sometimes I sprinkle some salt on before adding the water. I let them sit for about 10 minutes, or until however long the rest of dinner takes to get ready, then I drain them and use them in place of regular noodles. They’re good – much less heavy than regular noodles.

Anyway, pictured here are zucchini noodles in a chicken broth with fishballs, capscium, cauliflower and a big spoon of chilli sauce.

On Saturday I was down in South Yarra. This was coffee at Market Cafe.

In the afternoon, I went to Jus Burgers for lunch with Haz, Shellie and Thanh. I ordered a mini cheeseburger – you can select from blue, cheddar or swiss. Naturally, I went for blue cheese, and added mushroom.

And HELLO. Blue cheese and mushroom on a burger is fricking amazing. The meat pattie was nice too – a bit smokey from the grill.

Today Alastair and I caught up with Adrian and CnC. The plan was Common Galaxia for brunch before heading into town for Comic Con.

I believe it’s Common Galaxia’s first week – and boy, they were busy. We were put on a wait list for a table and had to wait outside because there was no room inside. It was SO COLD TODAY – I think it was 7°C in the morning. When is winter over again?

We probably only waited 15 minutes outside, but it was long enough for Adrian to lose feeling in his face. 😉 We were so happy when we were told we could wait inside!

Brunch was good – the staff were nice, and coffee and food was delicious. Just be prepared to wait if you visit during a busy period… and rug up if it’s cold!

After brunch we went into town for Comic Con. Where we waited in line for a while. It was a day of waiting… fortunately, we were inside this time. Once inside, Adrian was in his element combing through comics. 🙂

Apparently waiting in line worked up an appetite, so afterwards we wandered over to Merrywell for a snack. Burgers, chilli fries, onion rings and ice cream floats (don’t worry, I didn’t eat all those things. I might’ve eaten quite a lot of fries though). The chilli fries were particularly good, and we ordered another serve after we polished off the first one. Alastair’s burger seemed quite good too – it came with fries stuffed inside. Wowsa.

And that’s it – another week down. Az over and out!