The week in brief: 23 July – 29 July

For those who missed the catspam over the past couple of weeks, here’s double the cat for your catting pleasure. 🙂

This week, there was Batman action. But BB (Before Batman) there was NACHOS.

And then I had ice cream, with additional movie tax. This ice cream was so ridiculously expensive I’ve actually blocked the actual cost from my mind (it was something stupid like $6-$7). RIDICULOUS.

I had a scoop of the coconut seven layer bar, and lo it was good. Plus waffle cones are the best! So maybe it was kind of worth it? Ah wells. I know I’ll be suckered into another one next time we go to the movies.

The rest of the week was quiet… I think… Actually, we did go out one night but I didn’t instagram anything so it didn’t happen. :p

Later on in the week there was cheese and meat and snacks and rubbish talking.

And cannoli. Plus I made chocolate malt self saucing pudding.

Which I then proceeded to eat for lunch both yesterday AND today. Tsk.

I did eat something green for breakfast yesterday – so that negates the chocolate pudding lunch, right??

Alastair had French toast for breakfast – as I said on Instagram, I demanded that he pour the syrup more slowly so I could take an action shot. He was not pleased with me. In fact, I got a testy, “Who’s breakfast is this??” Hahaha.

Sucks to be you, honey. Mwah. :p

Last night Kat hosted Christmas in July.

Taz made this fantastic roast chicken – it was so moist and full of flavour.

Haz and Gaz made butter with a tiny bit of potato. (250g of butter to four potatoes…)

Ms Kat made lots of things – mulled wine, canapes, salad, burnt vegetables that were forgotten in the bottom of the oven… along with this awesome roast pork.

I made pork, pistachio and sage stuffing, which I didn’t take a photo of. It wasn’t the most attractive looking thing, so you’re not missing out on anything. It tasted quite good though.

I also neglected to photograph April’s pulled pork and tortillas – but they were ace, though not Christmas-y at all. Fail, April. 🙂

And Adrian brought along his signature trifle, which contained an epic amount of cream – over 1 litre, thank you very much.

I spent the rest of my weekend making pies for an upcoming post. 🙂 I *really* wish I had a spork cookie cutter!

Okay, the end. Have a lovely week!