The week in brief: 16 July – 22 July

Hello! Happy mid-July. This week… mhmm I don’t have much to say. Let’s just get into it. Oh and spoiler alert: no catspam this week. :p

Dastardly and I got our weekly drink on. This is generally what happens each time – white for her, red for me, phones out. Hah.

We were heading to dinner at Sarti, and found Bar Ampere a couple of doors down. It’s a very funky spot – I must return for a cocktail.

We didn’t actually have very much time at Bar Ampere before we were due at Sarti. We were there for the launch of Chapman Hill olive oil’s new season. We tasted the new oils and then had dinner (disclosure: oil tasting and dinner was courtesy of Chapman Hill).

Later on during the week, Alastair and I had a quick dinner at Guzman y Gomez. I had a burrito there before, so this time I tried the tacos. They were okay – the burritos are better. One interesting thing about my tacos – they had double tortillas. I wonder if this is usual or whether it was a mistake.

We also had nachos – they were awesome.

My work BFF was on holiday for a couple of weeks but she came back to work this week – yay! We had an overdue catch up over a lamb pie. We often end up ordering the same meal, and this time was no exception.

Pie smash!

On Saturday, the lovely Celeste was back in town, so Haz and I caught up with her at lunch at Akachochin. At lunch time Akachochin has a set menu for $20 – it is such a bargain!

We couldn’t resist adding on a couple of serves of their chicken wing dumplings too.

And then we finished on dessert. I shared this black sesame panna cotta with Alastair though I ended up wishing we had ordered one each. :p

Read my first post about Akachochin here.

Whenever we’re in the city we often have coffee at Plantation in Melbourne Central. Every time I have a coffee there, I also want a cupcake from Cupcake Central. But I never have one because I’m always too full or about to eat or some other silly excuse. NOT THIS WEEKEND! I finally got my cupcake fix.

Alastair and I shared two flavours: mango sago and peanut butter and jelly. They were both good, but the mango sago was seriously inspired – it had sago in the middle! Such a good idea – I thought the blandish sago worked really well in the cupcake.

I’ve blogged about a cupcake decorating class at Cupcake Central here. I could see a class going on while I was buying my cupcakes. 🙂

And this was tonight’s dinner: Sunday night roast lamb. Yes, yes, yes. I think we’ll be eating roast lamb for the rest of the week – hard life, hey?