The week in brief: 4 June – 10 June

This week: Henry and the Fox, breakfast at Hub and… that’s kind of it. Also, hooray for long weekends. 🙂

Also – check out Big Ted. (Bro bought him from Costco.) The bear is so massive I could barely lift it. (Weak.)

This week, I caught up with my dastardly friend Haz for a quick drink at Mr Mason.

Hooray for fires (even gas ones) – it was so toasty warm sitting next to it. I’m pretty much over winter already. Bring on summer. We don’t have long to go… right??!

We then went to Henry and the Fox for a bloggers dinner (disclosure: I was invited and it was complimentary).

Dinner was pretty good. The mains were a bit salty, but the entrees and desserts were excellent. Blog post to come.

This week it was my colleague’s birthday. She told me last week about her birthday, and then followed up with, “I hate birthdays.”

Well. My cruel streak couldn’t let that pass and so I devised ways of tormenting her about her birthday the whole week. Mwhahaha. I really did torture her too. I’m so mean.

But I did bake her a cake to compensate – this molasses cake which was AWESOME. SO SO GOOD. I took the whole cake to work, but made a small one for Alastair to have. 🙂 My cream cheese icing was a bit runny but gawd it was delicious.

Seriously, you have to make this cake. It’s amazing.

Yesterday, I dragged myself out of bed to head to St Kilda for breakfast at Hub, part of Hotel Urban (disclosure: invited, complimentary). I’m really not a morning person, and having to head southside on a grey, drizzly morning didn’t put me in a very good mood. :p

Fortunately, breakfast was good. Check out these crumpets. They came with lemon and honey and were really good – so fluffy.

For breakfast I chose the croque madam. It was delicious but it totally defeated me because it was absolutely jam packed with ham and cheese.

And finally, in the afternoon we went to see Prometheus. I thought it was really good but afterwards I had SO MANY QUESTIONS.

However, we couldn’t find a bloody car park at stupid bloody Highpoint (it took 45 minutes) – so missed the session we were originally booked for. We had over an hour to wait for the next week, so I decided we should have something to eat to kill time. We went to Guzman y Gomez, the newish fast food Mexican place where I ate a mini burrito and corn chips. The corn chips were served warm – they were awesome. The burrito wasn’t bad either.

Today was really quiet and I’m looking forward to tomorrow because it’s a long weekend, baby! (Thanks to the Queen.) If you have a day off – what’re you up to? And if not… how was your week?