The week in brief: 30 April – 6 May

Hello and happy Sunday! This week: it was pretty quiet. YAYAYAYAY. Oh yeah, there was dessert too.

At the beginning of the week, my work BFF and I had lunch at La Chicas (again). We both had the lamb salad special – cured lamb, rocket and pear with honey and dukkah. It was great. So simple, but delicious. I must recreate it at home sometime.

Dinner one evening was a simple steak on a warm wombock and carrot salad with some crumbled blue cheese. Oh man, I love blue cheese.

On Friday, Alastair and I went to Mr Hive Kitchen & Bar for a dessert degustation with Haz, Gazman, Adrian and CnC. We had THREE courses of dessert – all before we had even eaten dinner. Whoa. This was the hazelnut souffle and there was much, much more. So much sugar…

Afterwards we went roaming in search of much needed savoury food. We tried to go to The Sharing House but it was full, so we went to The Boatbuilders Yard instead. Alastair and I shared a burger.

Mhmmmmmmmm burger. YAY salt!!

Yesterday’s breakfast was fried eggs, bacon and avocado. Plus coffee, of course. I probably should’ve used a larger plate. Hehehe.

And dinner was beef stew – just a random mixture of stuff I threw into the pressure cooker. (I still love my pressure cooker.) This was also tonight’s dinner. Woot.

Today I spent a quiet day at home and even did some baking! I trialed a persimmon cake – my friend gave me a box of Hachiya persimmons from her garden. I don’t really like eating them that much – I prefer the non-astringent type when they’re still a bit crunchy, so into a cake some of them went. It was okay. I think it can be improved. I still have some that are waiting to ripen so I might try again next week.

And here’s your weekly dose of catspam. 🙂 🙂 How was your week?