The week in brief: 21 May – 27 May

This week: austerity? What austerity. There was dinner at the Bohemian, skewers, noodles, dumplings and FINALLY: Chin Chin.

On Tuesday, I met up with Dastardly for our weekly drink. We had a drink at Melbourne Public before Alastair joined us and we headed off to dinner at Bohemian. (Austerity fail 1.)

We decided to visit Bohemian for their Lagarde wine dinner: four courses matched with Lagarde wine. This was the first course: sardines on foccacia with fresh grapes. It was yum+. The rest of the meal was good too (to be blogged).

I laid low for the rest of the work week.

But then Friday rolled around and I got a present. Look at the pressie that Maz gave me. JUST LOOK AT IT. Best Present Ever.

After receiving the Best Present Ever, we had dinner at 1+1 Dumpling Noodle (Austerity Fail 2). I hadn’t eaten there in years – for some reason I thought they had closed. It was nice to revisit and I’m happy to report that their lamb skewers are still fantastic.

Of course we had dumplings too.

There was also noodles. Carbtastic.

After dinner we played several cut throat games of Uno Jenga. Who’d have thought stacking blocks could be so competitive and stressful?

Oh hello budget breakfast. Toast, hard boiled egg, feta. Accompanied by tea with a TEABAG. I’m so ashamed.

But hey, I redeemed myself by cooking a double roast for dinner. Roast pork AND roast beef. Hell to the yeah. (We’ll be eating roast meat for the next five days I think.)

And today, we finally made it to Chin Chin (Austerity Fail 3) with Taz and his friend. We ate heaps – a bit too much actually. AHH I blame the fact that they have a very large menu and everything sounded good.

All the savoury food we had was good, but dessert was just okay. Post to come.

Oh, I also baked apple pudding this weekend. We had it with ice cream. Delicious.

Okay, must finish this off because they’ll be announcing the Eurovision winner soon. (Eurovision is cheesy goodness.) How was your week, friends?