The week in brief: 14 May – 20 May

Happy Sunday! This week: my first visit to MoVida (I know, I know) and… not much else. Austerity measures!

But there is also stuff on my cat. Hah.

So it was my first ever visit to MoVida this week (disclosure: it was a complimentary dinner). Dastardly and I met up early and we had a quick drink at MoVida Next Door. It got progressively smokier and smokier in there and by 5.50pm it was chocka.

After that we went to MoVida, where it was incredibly dark, so no instagramming occurred of all the food we ate (there was a lot). Post coming up next week, but here’s a spoiler: I was a bit disappointed. Ho hum. Read I-Hua’s post on our night here.

For lunch at work, mostly I eat leftovers. This was leftover zucchini noodles, steamed broccoli, a hard boiled egg, tuna and half an avocado that my colleague gave me. I always eat my lunch with a metal spork that just showed up one day in the work kitchen. I promptly confiscated it and now it’s MINE MINE MINE. 😀 No one else there would appreciate it as much as I do!

I’ve implemented Austerity 2012 (much to Alastair’s disappointment) because I’ve just paid for flights for our holiday in September. I’ve been trying to cut back on our eating out so I’ve started cooking brunch at home rather than heading out to a cafe. This was yesterday’s brunch: fried egg and creamed corn and avocado. It was awesome.

Later on in the day, we then went out and had pho for lunch. Austerity fail.

In the late afternoon, we worked off pho with a round of squash with Adrian and CnC, and then refueled with dinner at Wayside Inn. We had the seafood platter, which was awesome as usual, followed by steak.

Read my post about Wayside Inn here.

We also had desserts – a really good VERY dark chocolate tart, and a scoop of burnt honey ice cream. The ice cream was AMAZING. I’d go back just for another scoop of that ice cream.

Tonight’s dinner was slow cooked beef and stout stew with beans on cauli mash. The stout was one of Alastair and Bro’s homebrew bottles. The stew turned out really well – I was very pleased.

I can’t finish without a dose of catspam. I present to you: stuff on my cat.

Don’t worry, he wasn’t as grumpy about it as he looked.

How was your week?