Located just about on the beach on Beaconsfield Parade in Albert Park, Nshry (pronounced Noshery) used to be a run down kiosk that has now been renovated into a nice cafe with a slightly silly name. (Sorry, it is. Gotta say it.)

I visited the other week with Alastair and my MIL Annette. I had heard that the corn fritters at Nshry were really good, and I was keen to take my MIL somewhere with a view of the ocean to take full advantage of the glorious autumn weather.

While it was sunny and the sky was blue, it was slightly cool outside, so we took seats inside and ordered a round of coffees. Other patrons were made of tougher stuff, because most of the outside tables were taken. Even though we were inside, the large windows and the design of the building meant that we could still appreciate the view.

Since I had already decided on the fritters, I tried to steer Alastair towards another breakfast item that I also wanted to try (hah). Unfortunately, he ignored my subtle clues and ordered the spicy eggs – poached eggs, spinach, chorizo, parmesan, gryuere and chilli infused oil on Noisette sun dried tomato and chilli sourdough ($18). I have to grudgingly admit that he made a good choice – the eggs were perfectly poached and covered in cheese, and the chorizo and chilli oil gave it a great spicy kick.

Annette had the eggs benedict – ham, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on toasted sourdough ($16). When ordering, she asked for her eggs to be poached for longer so they weren’t too runny. When she received her breakfast, she was really happy to see that the eggs were exactly as she wanted them.

I, of course, had the fritters – panko crumbed corn and zucchini fritters topped with smoked salmon, avocado, a poached egg and wasabi kewpie ($19). Wow, there was so much going on with this dish. I loved the panko, which gave the fritters a great crunchy crust. However, I think I would’ve preferred bacon over smoked salmon (bacon wins everything all the time) and the zucchini meant that they weren’t corn fritters in the truest sense. They were pretty damn good though.

Nshry also serve other tempting breakfast items, as well as a short lunch menu – word is that the burger is very good. Earlier this year they started opening for dinner, which would be interesting to check out (though I think I may wait until the weather becomes nicer).

Good food and coffee in a fairly unique and beautiful location, combined with a potential walk along the beach to work off your meal – what more could you ask for? Nshry, despite the missing vowels, you’re doing something right.

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129a Beaconsfield Parade
Albert Park
Phone: 03 9682 1077
Web: nshry.com.au

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