The week in brief: 9 April – 15 April

This week: pretty quiet, though we did visit Reading Room cafe again, and had lunch in Dromana. Hurrah. And the weather this weekend – gorgeous!

The week was pretty quiet with no exciting eats. Easter Monday was spent bonding with the couch and eating leftovers.

When I did have to cook, I made cauliflower fried rice – enough for two lunches and two dinners. I ate so much cauliflower this week. Fortunately I love it. (And you know the drill with cauliflower fried rice – there’s no rice, it’s just chopped up cauliflower).

On Saturday morning my MIL Annette and step-FIL Terry arrived very early from the UK for a visit. After a nap, we went out to brunch to The Reading Room cafe again (you may remember we went the other week). Alastair and Annette both had the fritters, while Terry and I had the sardines with cheesy toast and olive tapenade. Excellent, excellent lunch.

I also had a cold drip coffee which was like a little bottle of caffeinated perfection. It’s so smooth and concentrated.

Last night we had dinner at home. I made duck fat roasted potatoes, pumpkin, roasted eggplant and pressure cooker chicken. See those potatoes? They were fantastic. (Actually, everything was good – hah). We finished dinner with an apple sponge pudding, which was also fantastic. πŸ˜‰ Toot toot.

Today we took Annette and Terry down to the Mornington Peninsula for lunch at Fork to Fork at Heronswood Garden in Dromana.

Lunch was lovely. The weather was perfect, so we sat outside under a big shade umbrella. The olives we had to start were fantastic. Will post more on Fork to Fork later.

After lunch we drove to Red Hill and went to Red Hill Cheese, which we also visited last year during our weekend away.

And after cheese we headed to Red Hill Brewery for a beer. I really enjoyed my glass of scotch ale – very caramelly and sweet.

After that it was time to head home. Did anyone see the sunset today? It was magnificent but unfortunately we were in the car so I could’t capture it.

That’s it for my week – hope you had some good eating too. πŸ™‚