The week in brief: 23 April – 29 April

This week: a visit to South Wharf, a parma bigger than MY HEAD, and slightly more home cooked meals.

On Tuesday night, Haz and I had a little mini tour of a few restaurants in the South Wharf precinct (disclosure: we were invited). They were all good, though our fave was Akachochin – a gorgeous Japanese restaurant. Post coming up next week. 🙂

What did everyone get up to for Anzac Day? We were meant to head out during the day, but piked because Alastair was feeling a bit ill. He felt better by the evening so we met up with an ex-customer of his for a parma at the Albion Hotel. Check out the size of the parma! (20 cent coin for scale.) MASSIVE. I was sadly defeated.

On Saturday, April hosted an awesome BBQ. Chicken wings, ribs, sausages, ahoy. I think I was too busy playing the logo game to take photos of the food, but it was all awesome. (Logo game is this week’s latest obsession.)

And the sun was out! We sat outside in the sunshine. YAY.

This was today’s breakfast: sauteed mushrooms, bacon and a fried egg. Yayayay.

Alastair and I then went to Streat (formerly Social Roasting Company) for a late lunch. We shared an open lamb souvlaki. Yum.

And finally, tonight we had hot pot for dinner. Double yum. 😀

And here is the obligatory catspam (hi Hazzie!).

That’s it from me – how was your week?