The week in brief: 2 April – 8 April

This week: EASTER LONG WEEKEND, KIDS! Wahooooooooooo. Also, the husband cooked (!!!!!), dinner at Duchess of Spotswood, awesome Thai lunch, San Telmo and pork belly.

The sunsets were super duper gorgeous this week. The weather has been SO NICE. I’m still sad that summer is over but I must admit that the weather has been rather wonderful.

It’s a shame that the next door neighbour’s house got in the way of this sunset. Boo.

But back to food. Guess what else happened this week? My husband – who does not cook ever – cooked dinner! From scratch! And I didn’t help at all – I went off to exercise and when I came back, dinner was ready. He made chilli con carne from Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food and it was delicious. I was so, so proud. 😀

Unfortunately, this now means that I know he can cook and I’ll be expecting more dinners in the future. Mwahaha.

On Thursday I had a free day (extended long weekends FTW) and headed off to the market to stock up on food for the weekend. That night was going to be a relaxing evening doing nothing, but friends came over to drop off a present for Alastair and we ended up drinking wine until 2am. Well, I called it quits at 2am and went to bed, leaving Bro to entertain them. Hah. So sad.

So on Friday, after not enough sleep, I was feeling a bit meh. Despite my pleas for someone, anyone, to send breakfast, I had to get up to cook it myself. 🙁 Wah wah guitar.

Normally I don’t eat tomato sauce on my bacon, but I *needed* tomato sauce that morning.

A bit later that day we headed to see Adrian and Chris.

Alastair and Chris “played tennis” while Adrian and I sipped wine, ate hot cross buns, and laughed at their tennis playing. Let’s just say that several balls ended up over the fence and down the street. Heh heh heh.

Later that night Hazzie and Gazman joined us and we all had dinner at Duchess of Spotswood. This is Alastair’s entree of slow cooked egg with wafer thin crispy bacon.

And this is Hazzie’s entree of mushroom broth with vegetables and smoked eel.

Dinner was really, really good. I will get around to blogging it soon.

Oh hello cutie. How’d you sneak in here? 😉

For lunch on Saturday, we headed to Kat’s place where she cooked us a delicious Thai lunch. No photos because they looked terrible so you’ll just have to take my word for it. 🙂 Thanks Kat!

And in the evening, we met up with Hazzie and Gazman (again) for an impromptu dinner at San Telmo. Dinner was really good but unfortunately we had the darkest table in the ENTIRE RESTAURANT. Food bloggers’ nightmare. Oi. Oh well, the food was excellent.

And finally, today I roasted pork belly. I don’t think I need to say anything else. 😀

So happy that tomorrow is another day off. Easter weekend ROCKS. What have you eaten this week?