The week in brief

This week: hanging with my Dastardly friend drinking far too much prosecco, a baking class, pork pork pork, and express lunch at Embrasse.

I’m having trouble remembering exactly what happened this week. The beginning of the week is all a blur. Gak! I must’ve been busy doing boring things? I certainly didn’t do much cooking – this was a curry I made last Sunday which I ate for lunch and dinner most days this week. It was okay… but I’ve made better.

On Wednesday evening I got to hang out with Dastardly. We were invited to a launch for La Dolce Italia, a three day festival celebrating all things Italian in August. We drank prosecco, swooned at the French accent of one of the waiters, ate a couple of oysters, and drank more prosecco.

After work on Friday I stopped by the market to pick up supplies for the weekend – namely, pork belly. 3kgs of pork belly. More on that later.

On Saturday I got out of bed at 8am to exercise, but mostly to roast the pork belly. That’s dedication. After the pork belly had finished roasting, I headed out to Brasserie Bread where I had been invited to a baking class. So I spent a couple of hours there with other bloggers pummeling dough. No pictures from the actual baking class because it was hands on and I didn’t have a clean hand free. It was fun though!

While our dough was resting, we wandered on to their baking floor and production room. Brasserie Bread have an incredible massive oven – it even has a conveyor belt that deposits bread into the oven and pulls the baked bread out again. You can watch it from their cafe area too. So cool.

After baking, I headed home to slice up my pork belly before heading to Thanh’s place for an epic pork feast.

There was so. much. pork.

I made Chinese pork belly, I-Hua and boy made a slow roasted pork belly, April brought pork ribs, Kat made two vege dishes with pork, and Thanh roasted pork hocks.

I definitely think we should do a vegetable themed meal next time.

We continued the pork theme into dessert. I-Hua made us bacon and egg ice cream, and I baked maple syrup and bacon cupcakes. They were interesting – in a good way – but I should’ve made them much sweeter to counteract the saltiness of the bacon. I’ll blog them soon. On a side note: my piping skills are getting so much better. Whoo hoo.

After eating we spent the rest of the night karaoke-ing – we were AWESOME. HAH.

And finally, today I went to Embrasse for their MFWF express lunch with Thanh and Kat (yes, it was a hang out with food bloggers type weekend!).

Alastair had the slow cooked squid cooked in red wine for his entree.

My entree was the black pudding croquette with beetroot. And peas. Goddammit. I ate the pea puree but left the whole peas behind – boo to peas!

This was my main – the roast corn feed chicken. Pretty tasty.

I enjoyed our lunch and I’m definitely keen to head back to try out their normal menu. Express lunch success!

Okay that’s meeeeeeeeeeeeee. How was your week?