The week in brief

Hmm, after looking at my Instagram photos this week, I realised that I hardly posted anything. I was sick, and work was busy, and all I wanted to do was stay in bed. Wah! Oh well. This post will be short and sweet then.

Oh, I’ll be emailing the Better Homes & Gardens winners tomorrow. 🙂

I’ve been doing February photo a day on Instagram (basically there’s a different theme each day). I’m going to post a round up at the end of this month, but I particularly loved this one. The theme for this photo was “time”… that’s right: stop! Hammer time! (SUCH a dork.)

On Thursday night, Alastair and I went into the city for dinner at Campari House with Haz and her man (disclosure: it was a freebie). We’ve had some good food at Campari House before, but that night was a bit mixed. We had some delicious panko prawns, my main was a pretty good veal dish, and the lemon tart we shared for dessert was very nice. Unfortunately, Alastair had porterhouse for his main and while he requested medium-rare, it was waaaaaaaaaaaay past medium and almost in the well done stage.

For previous posts on Campari House see a quick mention before Christmas, a cider event, and a MFWF event.

On Saturday Thanh hosted a deep fried party. Yes, we rocked up at his house and ate a lunch that consisted of deep fried food. IT WAS AWESOME. I made the fantastically delicious AGFC (Azza Gazza fried chicken – see post here!), Thanh made lobak, I-Hua made deep fried mushrooms, and Kat made a salad and chicken wings. Thanh’s mum also made us a delicious salad, and there was a magnum of wine courtesy of April and her husband.

I haven’t posted photos of the food because… it was all brown. Funnily enough, all deep fried food comes out brown. Not that attractive, really. :p Despite the brownness, it was a super delicious lunch.

Oh yeah there was dessert too. We had Thanh’s brownies, Kat’s bread and butter pudding, and I deep fried some crispedi.

Deep fried parties / brown food parties rock.

The rest of our weekend was very chilled out. This was breakfast today: coffee, scrambled eggs, avocado and fresh tomato. Nutritious and delicious. 🙂

PS: next week will be more exciting, I promise.