The week in brief


This week: ramen, West side representing, and Fried Chicken Party. Oh yeah!

Ajisen Ramen Hawthorn

Alastair and I headed to Ajisen Ramen in Hawthorn for dinner one night after Kat’s and Thanh’s recommendation about it. I thought it was pretty good – not the best I’ve had in Melbourne, but it’s definitely still good.


On Saturday we went out to run some errands and I came home with Megabubbles (or semi-large bubbles depending on how you define mega). BEST $2 I’VE SPENT IN AGES. God, I’m such a child, but who can resist bubbles?!


Oh yeah, there was also trashy frozen yoghurt involved in our trip out. Yay!


In the evening we met up with Adrian and Chris for dinner at Williamstown. It was such a lovely night! Lookit.

The Anchorage

We had dinner at The Anchorage. It was so nice catching up with our west side homies. My main was a blue eye trevalla crusted with dukkah that was done very well.

Adrian and Alastair both ordered the lamb rump, which was unfortunately a bit overdone. Adrian sent his back to the kitchen – ooh brave.


And here were the desserts.

Fried Chicken

Today, Maz and Daz came over and we had a Fried Chicken Party. I made a batch of chicken from a Thomas Keller recipe (thanks to I-Hua’s boy) and Mazzle used the St Katherine’s recipe. I thought we would have way too much chicken, but we ended up eating it all. In our defense, it was super tasty.

But it took SO LONG to deep fry all of it – over an hour! (The oven kept the fried chicken warm and crispy.)

Fried chicken party

And here’s the results! The KFC (St Katherine’s) is on the left and the Thomas Keller chicken is on the right. We ate them with St Katherine’s BBQ sauce and Kewpie mayo. We also had coleslaw, mashed potatoes and grilled corn.

Oh, and which one was better? To be honest, they were both quite similar – both recipes brined the chicken beforehand, and both recipes involved buttermilk and a double dunking in seasoned flour. But the one I made was better of course – hahaha. I’ll blog the recipe shortly.

(By the way, I think our KFC was better than the chicken at St Katherine’s. Yep, I’m putting it out there.)

Dessert - peaches & custard

Mazzle made peaches and custard for dessert, which caused us all to break out in song: Moving to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches. I’m moving to the country, I’m gonna eat me a lot of peaches.

We also looked up the Wikipedia entry to find out what the song was about – “The lyrics of “Peaches” discuss a man moving to the country to eat vast quantities of peaches.” Heh heh heh, so funny.

Righty right – that’s me this week. How’re you?