The week in brief

Big wheel

This week: ramen, breakfast for dinner, a girls’ night out, and lunch at Mirka at Tolarno Hotel.

Kokoro ramen

On Monday we went to check out Kokoro Ramen – see my post here. (I know, I posted it already – what’s going on?!) 🙂

Breakfast for dinner

This was breakfast for dinner one evening, when I cooked up a ham and tomato omelette (tomatoes from my garden!) with rocket and avocado. Breakfast for dinner is such a winner. Ah, I’m such a poet…

Beef stir fry

On a different evening we had something more dinnerish – beef stir fry with a big spoon of my homemade chilli sauce, which I had on cauliflower rice. Alastair had normal rice – yes, I still cook him rice even though I don’t eat it. That’s love!


On Friday night, it was a girls’ night out with dinner and cocktails at Hoo Haa in Windsor. AHH I think the name is so silly… and all their cocktails had terrible silly names too. For example, this one was called Obscure Berrypecker, but it wasn’t the worst name – there was also one called Fluffy backed tit babbler. 😐

(We still had a good night, despite the silly cocktail names!)

Social roasting company

Yesterday Alastair and I had brunch at Social Roasting Company in Flemington. Alastair had a big serve of baked eggs, and I ordered a tofu scramble with mushrooms. Hmm so much unami. 🙂 I also bought some coffee beans from them – can’t wait to try them out.

Mirka at Tolarno Hotel

And finally, today we had lunch with Thanh, April and I-Hua at Mirka at Tolarno Hotel. There’s a fixed price menu in the bar area – we all had a 2 course meal with a glass of wine and coffee for a very reasonable $35 pp. The food wasn’t bad for the price.


Oh, and this is a picture of us about to eat Thanh’s dessert while he was out moving his car. Heh heh heh. That’s what happens if you leave food unattended…