The week in brief


This week: faileo, faileo, faileo. Le sigh. Also, pretty sunsets, hot dogs, fried chicken at St Katherine’s, Japanese at Komeyui with Hannah, yum cha and cauliflower fried rice.

Snag Stand 1

It was back to work for me this week, but working four days was apparently too much because I organised a day off on Friday. Alastair goes back to work next week, so on Friday we went into the city to do some errands. Lunch was at Snag Stand, where he had the horseradish dog (on the left) and I tried the spicy kransky (on the right). We sat in the grass outside the State Library because all the seats were taken at Snag Stand (they need more seats, I think).

Cat and mouse

Then we had to go home so Alastair could watch the cricket. Hmmmmmpt. Our cat Cisco was about as excited as me. (Awww, look at his silly face! Squishy squish!)


On Friday night we went with Mazza and friends for fried chicken at St Katherine’s. We ordered three buckets of fried chicken (between 7). The first bucket was just okay, but the other two buckets were really good. So crispy! They serve it with Japanese mayo and bbq sauce – yum.

KFC continued

But we didn’t just eat fried chicken – we also ordered calamari, meat from the rotisserie, a salad, garfish, lebanese sausages and possibly a couple of other things that didn’t make it into a photo. The other food was okay – I found several items a bit salty. Fried chicken was definitely the highlight.

Snag Stand 2

On Saturday, Alastair I went to Snag Stand for lunch… yes AGAIN. We’re slowly working our way through the menu. This time we tried the wagyu beef (like eating bangers and mash in a roll) and the Spanish chorizo.

My fave is still the chilli dog that I ate the very first time I tried Snag Stand – it is so, so good. But I can’t go back to it until I’ve tried all the others! 🙂


Dinner that night was at Komeyui where we caught up with Hannah, who’s social butterflying her way through Melbourne at the moment.

We made Bryan order for the table – heh heh – I love it when other people make the food choices! I really liked the sashimi and soft shell crab and I’m told the omusubi (rice balls) were also really good.

Tao Tao House

Somehow at dinner on Saturday we started talking about yum cha, which turned into a decision to head to Tao Tao House on Sunday with I-Hua and her boy.

I think it went like this:

Blah blah blah, yum cha, I like Tao Tao House. Oh me too! We should go. Okay! When? How about tomorrow at 11am? Hang on, let me call them now and make a booking. Sorted, booked, see you tomorrow for dumplings.

Quickest decision ever. 😀 See my previous post on Tao Tao House here.

Desserts and Tao Tao House

Since we were being faileo already, we also ordered dessert – egg tarts, chestnut and sago pudding and mochi ice cream balls. The egg tarts were good, tho a touch too sweet for my liking, the chestnut and sago pudding was like a warm vanilla custard mixed with sago and bits of chestnut (weird) and the mochi ice cream balls were awesoooome.


Oh, look at the clouds!


On our way home from yum cha we passed by Daiso, so naturally we had to make a stop. Daiso is my Disneyland – eee. Yes, I bought home some random stuff. Love it.

Cauliflower rice

And finally, here’s a picture of tonight’s dinner: cauliflower fried “rice”. Atoning for my faileo sins. I put in so much chilli, it was so spicy and delicious! It was also nice to have vegetables after the past couple of days of hot dogs, fried chicken and dumpling eating. 😀

That’s it from me – how was your week?