The week in brief

Happy Sunday! This week: mashed cauliflower, Australia Day picnic, mini burgers on brioche, ice cream cone cupcakes, and piggy piggy piggy on a spit. This was dinner one night this week – I fried up some lamb rump steak, sauteed baby spinach and onions, and ate it with mashed cauliflower. Oh. My. Gosh. Mashed cauliflower [...]

Thomas Keller’s Fried Chicken

Update: I’ve revised this recipe to make it even better! Check out Azza fried chicken. I’m slightly obsessed with fried chicken at the moment. There was fried chicken on my birthday last month. There was fried chicken after Christmas thanks to I-Hua and her awesome man. There was fried chicken at St Katherine’s the other [...]

The week in brief

This week: ramen, West side representing, and Fried Chicken Party. Oh yeah!

Loam, Drysdale

At the risk of sounding like a 90 year old – the modern world constantly impresses and delights me. Even though I grew up with so many technologies that we now take for granted, when I think about them they still amaze me. For example: GPS. We all know what GPS is, since it’s now [...]

The week in brief

This week: ramen, breakfast for dinner, a girls’ night out, and lunch at Mirka at Tolarno Hotel.

St Katherine’s

Remember last year when we went to Taste of Melbourne? Alastair and Bro were so enamoured with the KFC (Katherine’s Fried Chicken) served by St Katherine’s, that I knew we would have to schedule a fried chicken dinner there one night. Well, it took a while but fried chicken dinner finally happened this month, thanks [...]

Kokoro Ramen

There’s something about ramen that seems to inspire almost fantatical devotion. If I hadn’t eaten truly good ramen before, I wouldn’t understand it. Because if you break it down, ramen is just noodles in broth. But it seems to be more than the sum of its parts. It can be amazing: nourishing, comforting, and filling. [...]

The week in brief

This week: faileo, faileo, faileo. Le sigh. Also, pretty sunsets, hot dogs, fried chicken at St Katherine’s, Japanese at Komeyui with Hannah, yum cha and cauliflower fried rice.

Mango jelly and coconut panna cotta

People are funny. Melbourne was pretty hot during the first couple of days of 2012. Admittedly, 40°C is fairly warm, but… it’s Melbourne. Summers get hot. Anyone who lives here knows that several 40°C days occur each summer – it’s not a new occurrence or anything unusual. Yet when they happen, it’s all anyone can [...]

The week in brief

Happy 2012! So this post is about last week (since it’s now Monday and all). That’s because I spent the first day of 2012 doing just about nothing. We sat on the couch and watched a couple of movies, and only left the house in the evening to go to the movies. We reheated leftovers [...]

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