This week in brief


Summer summer summer is here! Warm days and sunshine always make me happy. 🙂 But rolling on… here’s a bit of my week.

Lau's Family Kitchen

On Thursday, I met up with I-Hua, Thanh and Michele for a quick and dirty dinner at Lau’s Family Kitchen. We only had an hour to spare, so we ordered, ate, and got out quick smart. We all enjoyed the food so it was a shame we couldn’t linger.

St Kilda sunset

We had to leave in a hurry because we were due at a Nuffnang event at The Stokehouse. I hadn’t been to The Stokehouse before – it’s in a fantastic spot. I went a bit photo crazy with the sunset.

St Kilda sunset

I couldn’t help it – it was such a beautiful night. Really warm and balmy, so there were heaps of people out and about.

St Kilda sunset

As the sun set, it became more and more gorgeous. See?

St Kilda sunset

SEE? Okay, this was the last one.


But back to the event – we had five Schweppes cocktails matched to five Stokehouse desserts. Unfortunately as it got darker (and as I drank more) photos got harder and harder, so this is pretty much it. Heeeeee.

Margarita night

Last night I hosted a margarita evening where we had home made tacos for dinner. I cooked up chicken, pork and prawns, and we built our own tacos. I even made a batch of corn tortillas (thanks to Bro for standing over the frying pan and cooking each one).

And margaritas! They were awesome – we started with frozen mango margaritas, and when that ran out we moved to normal ones.

Tres leche cake

Mazza brought along a massive tres leche cake. It was delicious. Who would’ve thought cake soaked in a mixture of three kinds of milk could be so good?

Unfortunately, I still have half of it sitting in my fridge because she refused to take it home. 🙁 Does anyone want some cake??

Uh oh

After dessert we ran out of lime juice, so started mixing up random cocktail concoctions. DANGER DANGER. Dany said this one tasted like Benadryl cough syrup. Hah.

I must say: it was pretty potent.

Salmon pattie

Today we went to I-Hua’s place for a coffee party. I felt fine this morning, but the car ride there broke me. 🙁 I felt quite shit when we arrived, though I felt better when I found out that Bryan was also hung over today – misery loves company!

I-Hua and her Boy cooked up a feast for lunch. One part of the feast: salmon patties and avocado salad.

Fried chicken

But best of all: FRIED CHICKEN. They made FRIED CHICKEN. I felt so much better after eating it. I-Hua and A: you two are some weird psychic geniuses. It was exactly what I needed!

Jelly and coffee

After lunch, we played with I-Hua’s new coffee machine, and had jelly and panna cotta for dessert. Oh, and a paleo carrot banana cake that I made, but it looked butt ugly, so I didn’t take any photos of it.

Right, right, that’s it. How was your week? 🙂