This week in brief


After the excitement of last week, this week was fairly quiet. Well – mostly. Work was busybusybusy. But that doesn’t lead to exciting eating, so this week’s post is mostly about random stuff I ate. (And it does get a bit random.)

Lamb stew and salad

Last weekend I made a big pot of lamb stew and I ate a variation of the same meal – salad and stewed lamb – for lunch and dinner three days straight. The only reason I stopped eating it was because I ran out of lamb! I don’t understand people who don’t like leftovers – I survive on leftovers. I love cooking, but not needing to cook or think about what to eat after coming home from work = the best thing ever.


But I did run out of lamb eventually and needed to cook. Boohoo. One evening I made chicken cooked in the pressure cooker with onions and sage. Super tasty.

Microwave omelette and ham

Breakfast one day – microwave omelette, ham and baby spinach.

Green smoothie

And a weekend breakfast: green smoothie time. This one had fresh mango, a heck of a lot of baby spinach, a handful of almonds, a tablespoon of honey and coconut milk. It was really filling and super delicious – it just tasted like mango, if you’re wondering.

Sausage sizzle

We went on a trip to Bunnings, and I was tempted by the sausage sizzle that’s always outside. I haven’t eaten one in ages! I totally could’ve scoffed down a second one but managed to resist the allure of the dirty sausage.


Then we went shopping and somehow this ended up in our trolley. AHHH I don’t even know what to say but I do like that it’s “gourmet inspired”. I don’t know what kind of gourmets they know!

Ice cream daifuku

An ode to ice cream daifuku:

Mochi ice cream
How can something so wonderous exist?
Combining mochi and ice cream
Your deliciousness makes me want to weep
In joy.
Get in my belly
Where I will love you forever.

Heh heh heh. 😀

The one on the bottom was watermelon flavoured and it was awesome!

Dried eel

Now that I’ve declared my mochi ice cream love, let’s move on to: spicy dried eel. SO nasty, but SO good. I ate half the packet yesterday and polished the rest off for breakfast today… No, I can’t explain it either.

(One day I’m going to look back at these posts and realise how they highlight my occasionally strange eating habits.)

Triple chocolate muffins

Today I spent all morning in the kitchen. Alastair had to work for a few hours, so I cooked and cooked. I made a batch of the best chilli sauce ever, broke down two chickens, made a pot of pressure cooker butter chicken, baked paleo granola, and fried up some marinated pork chops. In addition, I baked triple chocolate muffins for Alastair, because he mentioned muffins as he was walking out the door. (That’s love, hey?)

Paleo granola

Here’s a shot of the paleo granola with chopped up strawberries. Thanh is super addicted to this stuff – it’s basically just chopped up nuts baked with some honey and spices.

Christmas tree

And finally – today we also put up our Christmas tree! I made Alastair listen to Christmas songs while we put it up. 😀 BRING ON CHRISTMAS!