This week in brief


This week: Christmas shopping, American food, birthdays, pub food and picnicking.

Also, this donkey has nothing to do with anything, I just really liked it. So cute. Look at it: just look at it! It’s a leather DONKEY.

Snag stand

I had Monday and Tuesday off work, and I spent Monday Christmas shopping. Lunch was a hot dog at Snag Stand in Melbourne Central.

Chilli dog

I choose a chilli dog ($8.90) and sat in the grass outside the State Library to eat it. It was SO good! Spicy chilli sauce, toasted brioche bun, cheese, onions. Mhmm.

Dinosaur Designs

After lunch I returned to Christmas shopping, but only really found stuff I wanted: eg everything in Dinosaur Designs. Aiya.

Frozen yoghurt

I consoled myself with frozen yoghurt at Tutti Frutti – that self serve frozen yoghurt place where you pay by the weight of your cup. I choose taro, pomegranate and green tea froyo with mochi pieces. I only had mochi because I didn’t like the look of all the other toppings. I don’t think that chocolate and sprinkles and other sugary things really go with frozen yoghurt, but that must just be me. About the yoghurt, the taro was icky – so, so sweet. Pomegranate wasn’t bad, and green tea was okay. The mochi was fine.

All in all, it wasn’t that successful a consoling. I should’ve had another hot dog from Snag Stand instead.


It was my birthday on Tuesday. πŸ™‚

Mango syrup cake

I had a very lazy day at home, though I did bake a cake for work – a mango syrup cake. It was a *really* good cake, but I don’t think I managed to get any good photos of it. πŸ™


For my birthday dinner, we went to Gasometer: see my post on chilli fries, fried chicken and chicken and waffles. We ate a lot. It was a bit scary.


I bought an Aeropress recently. It’s my new favourite thing – I love it.

Wayside Inn

On Thursday night, Alastair and I went to dinner at the Wayside Inn. (Disclosure: our meal was on them.) We were so spoilt: heaps of seafood for starters – Morton Bay bugs, crab, octopus, prawns, squid, fresh oysters, smoked salmon, clams, etc etc etc.

Wayside Inn

And then there were mains. This was duck with peaches.


And then there was a kilo of beef. (No, we weren’t the only ones eating it.)

And afterwards there was dessert. Eeeeeee.


On Friday night it was Maz’s birthday (YAY).


It was party night at her house. The bar was well stocked: Pimms punch, watermelon punch, sparkling wine, beer, tequila, sambuca, Chambord and more. Apparently there was food too.

Mazza is super duper cool, so it was great to help her celebrate her birthday and clear out her booze collection.

The Premises

After Maz’s place on Friday night, I needed bread on Saturday morning. We went to The Premises for breakfast – Alastair had the creamed corn while I had the bbq bacon and fried egg roll. So good but so bad. πŸ™‚ See previous posts about The Premises here and here.

Xmas picnic

And finally, today we had a Christmas picnic in the park with other food bloggers. The rain thankfully held off until after we finished eating.


Oh, and I have to show you this photo of Adrian barbecuing with a plastic spork. No one thought to bring tongs, oil, or any other barbecue implements so he just made do. SMRT.

How was your week, friends?