Gasometer (closed)


Bro and I had been speaking about checking out Gasometer for a while. Located in Collingwood, they’re a pub that serves American style diner food. Bro loves American food, and I’m a food enabler, so ever we found out Gasometer serves chicken and waffles, it has been on our “to visit” list.

It was my birthday on Tuesday (thank you thank you) and I wanted to go somewhere casual and not too pricey. So I figured we may as well cross Gasometer off the list.


Gasometer is a beautifully refurbished pub – a big long polished wood bar, brick/stone walls and rather large wooden tables. You wouldn’t guess the direction of their menu just by looking at the environment.

It seems to be seat yourself and order at the bar, so we grabbed the big plastic menus and pondered our food choices. The menu is split up into starters, burgers and stuff, mains and sweet things.

In the starters section, there are items like fried pickles (!!), buffalo wings, poutine and chill fries. Burgers and stuff has several different burgers and hot dogs, while mains are along the lines of fried chicken, pulled pork and pork ribs.

There’re also many vegan choices that are clearly marked in their own separate sections, and they have a separate vegan deep fryer.

Chilli fries

We ordered a serve of chilli fries ($14) to share. You can choose from “spicy” or “brutal” – not having eaten there before, we opted for “spicy”. Folks – just order brutal. Spicy wasn’t spicy at all. However, the fries were GOOD. Big fat cut chips, covered in a pile of meat chilli and bright yellow nacho cheese. Oh yeah.

Fried chicken

I had a suspicion that servings might be on the large side, so Alastair and I shared a main – the Southern fried chicken ($22). Mains come with a choice of two sides, and I asked for greens while Alastair choose fries (yes, even tho we had a serve of chilli fries…).

We received two huge pieces of chicken that has been coated in a buttermilk batter and served with brown gravy. I was very glad we were sharing when I saw the size of the chicken. It was super crispy and very moist inside. Good, good, good.

Oh, and as Bro and others aptly pointed out – the “greens” were more “browns”. The sauteed “greens” (silverbeet?) had been cooked in a vinegary, smokey sauce.

Chicken and waffles

Bro had the previously mentioned chicken and waffles ($25) with slaw and fries. It was pretty much the same as our meal, except he had a buttered waffle and maple syrup on the side. Heart attack city. He enjoyed it, but for the first time in a long time, couldn’t finish his meal.

Chicken and waffles: 1
Bro’s stomach: 0
Bro’s heart: A cheery “thank sweet jeebus he didn’t finish that waffle”

Beer and cider

Gasometer – worth checking out if you’re into American diner food, though I suggest that you share with a friend as the portion sizes are quite large. Other bloggers have noted issues with food coming out very slowly, but we didn’t have any problems when we visited.

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    484 Smith Street (cnr Alexandra Parade)
    Phone: 03 9417 5539
    Web: Facebook page

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