This week in brief

Ham, egg and broccoli

Hello! Another week down, another week closer to Christmas. EEP!

I had lots of CBF evenings this week. This was a “I can’t be bothered” dinner – a poached egg, ham, steamed broccoli and tamari.

Pork chop

However, when I could be bothered, we ate well. We had some glorious weather, and one evening it was warm enough to eat outside. (!!) I marinated pork chops in garlic, coriander and a bit of cayenne pepper, which we cooked on the BBQ. On the side we had coleslaw and glazed asparagus. The chops were SO GOOD.


But what was even better was sitting outside for dinner! This was our dinner view.


I love sitting out on our terrace in spring, because the jasmine is in bloom and it smells divine. It’s so wonderful.


Back to food, I was all inspired for breakfast yesterday and made a BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato) sans bread, of course.

Cookie time

And then I started cooking and baking. I cooked up two ox tongues (to Alastair’s disgust) and then I tried making paleo cookies. They were a bit of a fail, so I baked normal chocolate cookies instead. Yes, I ate one and yes it was good.

Welly pop up restaurant

After I finished in the kitchen, it was time to head to the Wellington pop up restaurant with I-Hua and Thanh.


If you were lucky enough to get tickets – it’s good.


I had the venison for my main, which I do recommend. I really enjoyed it – particularly the crumbed veal sweetbreads. The other main that was fantastic was the lamb. Can’t really go wrong with NZ lamb.


And finally, today we went to visit my friend Emily for lunch. She has two young kids, so I took food along. I cooked chicken marylands in the pressure cooker with sage and onions and served it with glazed carrots, celery and a baby spinach salad. It was a great lunch, if I may say so myself. 😀

That was my week – not as gluttonous as other weeks. I really haven’t been particularly hungry so have been eating very light dinners (if at all) which makes for dull reading. Perhaps it’s the warmer weather. However, I do have a more exciting week coming up planned… you’ll find out all the details next Sunday! Tune in then. 😀