This week in brief


What a crazy weather week we’ve had! There was sunshine and storms a plenty.


Though we did also have a stunning sunset.

Roo patties & salad

But on to food! This was one of my lunches – kangaroo patties and salad.

Grilled salmon salad

And another lunch, when I went out with a work friend – we both ended up ordering a grilled salmon salad. It was tops.


On Thursday I was invited to a cooking class at Trupp Cooking School thanks to Electrolux. I-Hua and I met beforehand – we ogled the cakes and chocolate at Burch & Purchese – but looking was all we did, because we don’t eat that stuff anymore. No we don’t.

Then she made me WALK in my non-walking shoes down Chapel Street, where we had a teatail at Oriental Teahouse. Mine was made with gunpowder tea, vodka and lime and had a silly name of A Russian spy in Shanghai, while I-Hua had a Bailey’s kiss. Another stupid name, but hers tasted like an alcoholic milk tea (win).

Trupp cooking school

(In case it wasn’t clear – I attended the cooking class courtesy of Electrolux & Trupp Cooking School.)

After our drink, we wandered down another block (yes, she made me walk AGAIN) to Trupp, where we met April. Check out these amazingly organised shelves at the cooking school. WANT.

Trupp cooking school

We had a great time at the cooking class – it was really interesting and I definitely learnt several tidbits. We were also fed with delicious food. Here, Walter Trupp is plating up a salmon dish.

Trupp cooking school

And here he’s plating up dessert – panna cotta. I’ll write a separate post on the class – hopefully I can make out my notes!

Smoothie time

Yesterday was a terrible eating day. 🙁 Instead of eating proper meals, I snacked the whole day. GAH. I think it started when I didn’t eat a large enough breakfast. A couple of hours later I was a bit hungry, but not hugely so, and I made myself a smoothie with frozen raspberries, macadamia nuts, carrot, coconut milk and a bit of honey.

And then… it went down hill from there… I snacked the rest of the day.

Beet meatballs

And after I cooked up these beet meatballs, I scoffed several and completely ruined my appetite for dinner. Gah! Note to self: eat proper meals!


Fortunately Sunday was a much better eating day, because – we went to Loam!

Free range egg cooked at 65 degrees for 20 mins

I’ll write up a separate post, but I can’t resist sharing some of the photos – this was the second course. It’s a free range egg that had been cooked at 65 degrees for 20 minutes. On top is dehydrated cauliflower and asparagus shavings, and it’s decorated with garlic, viola and marigold flowers. SO PRETTY. The egg had a perfectly gooey consistency – creamy and delightful.

Suckling pig

Originally we decided on 7 courses, but found we were enjoying ourselves so much that we made a decision to add another course. This was the extra savoury course we added – suckling pig, pear and watercress. It was matched with a fantastic cider (Eric Bordelet Sidre Argelette) that we intend on tracking down.

More Loam

After the savoury courses, we had a cheese and a dessert course… and then we decided to just add another dessert course to finish lunch off.

9 courses, 8 wines, 1 cider, and 5 hours later, we were done. Possibly best restaurant meal this year. Big call, I know.

So that was my week! How was yours?

PS: for all you whiners – new, easier captcha! (Only kidding, I love you all. But seriously: new captcha.) :p