True South Brewery

We must have over a hundred bottles of beer sitting at home. No, we’re not total boozers in this house – it’s due to Alastair and Bro’s homebrew hobby that’s been going strong for over a year. I indulge them in their hobby, even though the big fermenting thingy (technical term) took up residence in [...]

This week in brief

Big week this week. I had several very good meals out – fun times! But before I get into my week, the winner of the Streat tickets is Miss T. Congrats for being lucky #8!

Win two tickets to Melbourne Streat Party

Have you heard of Streat? They’re a fantastic organisation that are dedicated to providing homeless youth with education and employment in the hospitality industry. They run a couple of food and coffee carts around Melbourne, and are currently trying to raise money to purchase another cart. To do this, they’re holding a dinner party – [...]

WLG – Wellington pop up restaurant

Have you heard about the Wellington pop up restaurant? In Melbourne for two weeks only, it’s a little taste of Wellington, New Zealand, in the form of a three course meal. As soon as the tickets were released, I pounced on them and booked a table. Why was I so keen? Well, as long time [...]

This week in brief

Hello! Another week down, another week closer to Christmas. EEP! I had lots of CBF evenings this week. This was a “I can’t be bothered” dinner – a poached egg, ham, steamed broccoli and tamari.

Beet meatballs

Do you like beetroot? I love it any way – fresh, cooked, canned (yes, I know), in burgers, in cakes, in soup, in salads. And after being inspired to create this recipe by Nigel Slater, I now also love it in meatballs. Sure, beetroot can be a pain in the arse because it stains almost [...]


Where I grew up, the weather was pretty stable. It was shit, but it was stable. When it rained (and it did often), it rained for days – pelting, horizontal rain. When it was windy (and it almost always was), it was a strong, bitterly cold wind that would turn umbellas inside out in an [...]

This week in brief

What a crazy weather week we’ve had! There was sunshine and storms a plenty.

Taxi Dining Room: bento lunch

Disclosure: I dined courtesy of Taxi and Little Big Marketing. The other weekend I was invited to Taxi to experience their bento lunch. I’m sure Taxi needs no introduction! It’s a very slick restaurant, and I loved the splashes of aqua/turquoise (one of my favourite colours) amongst all the steel and shiny surfaces. Though of [...]

Shanghainese pearl balls

Hmmm this post has been sitting in my drafts for months. Remember when Celeste, Penny and I were doing Meal to Share? It seems to have fallen by the wayside – totally understandable because we’ve all had so much going on in our lives. But perhaps after things settle down next year we may resurrect [...]

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