True South Brewery

We must have over a hundred bottles of beer sitting at home. No, we’re not total boozers in this house – it’s due to Alastair and Bro’s homebrew hobby that’s been going strong for over a year. I indulge them in their hobby, even though the big fermenting thingy (technical term) took up residence in the laundry over winter and there are boxes and boxes of beer bottles all over the garage.

As to be expected, they’ve both become much more interested in beer due to their hobby. So when Alastair and I spent a weekend on the Mornington Peninsula, I made sure to include a couple of brewery visits. And on the way home, we stopped for lunch at True South Brewery in Black Rock.


Win two tickets to Melbourne Streat Party


Have you heard of Streat? They’re a fantastic organisation that are dedicated to providing homeless youth with education and employment in the hospitality industry. They run a couple of food and coffee carts around Melbourne, and are currently trying to raise money to purchase another cart.

To do this, they’re holding a dinner party – with a twist. On Tuesday 29 November, up to 500 diners will head to Melbourne at 7pm for a 3-course dinner with wine – but where they’ll be sitting down is a secret! But what I can tell you is that over 50 of Melbourne’s most respected laneway and rooftop restaurants and bars are taking part.


WLG – Wellington pop up restaurant


Have you heard about the Wellington pop up restaurant? In Melbourne for two weeks only, it’s a little taste of Wellington, New Zealand, in the form of a three course meal. As soon as the tickets were released, I pounced on them and booked a table. Why was I so keen? Well, as long time readers of this blog will know, Alastair, Bro and I all grew up in Wellington. Yes, I am a kiwi (ex-kiwi?) and I still have a soft spot for my old hometown.


This week in brief

Ham, egg and broccoli

Hello! Another week down, another week closer to Christmas. EEP!

I had lots of CBF evenings this week. This was a “I can’t be bothered” dinner – a poached egg, ham, steamed broccoli and tamari.


Beet meatballs

Beet meatballs

Do you like beetroot? I love it any way – fresh, cooked, canned (yes, I know), in burgers, in cakes, in soup, in salads. And after being inspired to create this recipe by Nigel Slater, I now also love it in meatballs.

Sure, beetroot can be a pain in the arse because it stains almost everything, but they’re also rich in vitamins, carbs and proteins. They do have a very high sugar content – about 10% of a beetroot is sugar – but fortunately it’s released slowly into the body.



Where I grew up, the weather was pretty stable. It was shit, but it was stable. When it rained (and it did often), it rained for days – pelting, horizontal rain. When it was windy (and it almost always was), it was a strong, bitterly cold wind that would turn umbellas inside out in an instant. When it was cold (and yes, it normally was) it would be cold for the whole week.

8 years in Melbourne, and I still think the weather here is insane. Hot sunny days suddenly transform to torrential rain in the space of an hour. One day it’s 30 degrees, the next it’s barely nudging 15. How is one meant to plan for such unsettled weather?? Should I leave the house in sandals, or do I need gumboots? Do I need tights, or will I be sweltering by the end of the day? AAARGH.

Maz, Daz and I caught up recently at Agraba on a Friday night. When I booked a table, I noticed that Agraba had both inside and outside seating. It was a gorgeous day on Friday, and I was tempted to request an outside table. And then I remembered – this is Melbourne.

Lo and behold, by the time I got home from work, the rain had started. Good thing I hadn’t chosen the outside table!


Taxi Dining Room: bento lunch


Disclosure: I dined courtesy of Taxi and Little Big Marketing.

The other weekend I was invited to Taxi to experience their bento lunch. I’m sure Taxi needs no introduction! It’s a very slick restaurant, and I loved the splashes of aqua/turquoise (one of my favourite colours) amongst all the steel and shiny surfaces. Though of course, the best part must be the floor to ceiling windows that make the most of the views out to the Yarra and the city.