This week in brief

Happy Sunday! It’s a lovely day today, but I’d rather be on a plane to Barcelona, like Alastair is right now. Yes, he has gone to Barcelona WITHOUT ME. The outrage! Anyway, let’s be positive, it’s sunny today and… fuck it, I’d rather be going to Barcelona! Boohoohoo.

On Monday, I went to A Foodie Affair, organised by 360 Focus PR. Marion Grasby from Masterchef was there, doing a cooking demo of her products. Despite the fact that I don’t watch Masterchef, I still jumped on the Marion bandwagon. What can I say? She’s really lovely!

Also at A Foodie Affair, I was told I need to change my blog name to Off the Splayd. Haha. They are very cool utensils (so shiny!) but it doesn’t have quite the same ring, does it?

Oh! And one more thing from A Foodie Affair – I won a bamix! WEEEEEEEEE! I’ve used it several times already to smush onions into paste for marinades. IT IS SO COOL. I love it!

And now for something not quite so cool – I go to the dentist very regularly (every 4 months – ouch) and I went for my regular clean this week. It is SO EXPENSIVE. I would much, much rather spend that money on shoes. >:(

Moving on. On Friday night, Penny had her farewell drinks at The Aylesbury rooftop. She’s off to Sydney soon – good for them, but sad news for us. 🙁

When Alastair and I tried to go up to the rooftop, we were told, “Sorry, it’s full upstairs.” I said that we were meeting friends up there, to which we were allowed up, but she didn’t seem happy about it. When we got up there – you can guess can’t you? – it wasn’t anywhere near full. My guess is that she thought Alastair was dressed a bit too casually.

Continuing on this theme, Ed from Tomatom wrote an interesting post on The Aylesbury.

After a couple of drinks we left with Thanh and Kat for some dinner. We went to #secretthai aka Appetizer on Spring Street, where we ordered a freaking beer tower! It seemed like a good idea at the time?! I have no idea how much beer was in there, but it was actually quite expensive at $55.

And the food? Some of it was good, some of it was bad. One dish was so spicy Kat was in tears (and she’s supposed to be Thai… hmmmm). Separate post to come!

Yesterday the weather was SHIT. We dropped off several boxes of e-waste for recycling (how many wireless routers and old laptops can one house accumulate??) and then stopped for breakfast at The Premises.

I ordered the pulled pork… not a very breakfast item, but it was really good, though a bit hard to eat on that long plank.

I know when they first opened, I wasn’t a huge fan, but I think The Premises is getting better and better. Every time I’m there, I like it more. Read about my past visits here and here.

And now for some cooking. I saw some lamb ribs at the butcher this week and promptly snapped them up. I marinated them overnight and then steamed them in the pressure cooker. Holy cow (or lamb) they were incredibly fatty but also really, really delicious.

And inspired by the pulled pork from The Premises, I threw some pork into the slow cooker last night. When I got up this morning, it was so tender that I was easily able to pull it into shreds. Pulled pork for dinner tonight! (I may have also eaten some for breakfast…)

That’s my week. How about yours?