This week in brief

Hello! It’s Melbourne Cup long weekend time – whomp whomp! Alastair is still away, and while the husband is away, the wife… eats out a lot. Too much.

La Petanque

How did people decide on places to eat and activities to do before the internet? When I started planning our Mornington Peninsula weekend a couple of days before heading down there, I looked at blogs, websites, checked out menus, and I even made restaurant bookings online. One place I booked was La Petanque, located in [...]

This week in brief

Happy Sunday! It’s a lovely day today, but I’d rather be on a plane to Barcelona, like Alastair is right now. Yes, he has gone to Barcelona WITHOUT ME. The outrage! Anyway, let’s be positive, it’s sunny today and… fuck it, I’d rather be going to Barcelona! Boohoohoo.


Disclosure: My visit was courtesy of Brunetti and Food Pampering Brunetti is a total Melbourne institution. The first shop opened in Carlton in 1985 (though the current family took over in 1991) and it is now a mini empire, having expanded to several more locations in Melbourne, as well as Singapore and Dubai. The Carlton [...]

This week in brief

Our cats are so spoilt – I wish I had their life. Food, sun, naps, and belly rubs. What could be better? No belly rubs or naps for me, but I still had a pretty good week.

A weekend away: Mornington Peninsula

I’m an awesome trip planner. And I’m really good at choosing places to eat. Hah – modest much? During our weekend away in the Mornington Peninsula, Alastair heard these two statements a lot. Perhaps I blew my own trumpet once too often when my normally patient husband replied, “Yes, and you have no trouble talking [...]

This week in brief

Hello lovely people. Alastair and I spent a lovely weekend down in the Mornington Peninsula. We did heaps, but it was very chilled out and relaxing.

Lemon and coconut friands

I’m trying to get rid of my bad freezer habits. In the past, the poor freezer has been a dumping ground for bits and bobs – leftovers, citrus rinds, unidentifiable meat, and other random items. But with some discipline, I’m slowly getting it under control. All new things that enter the freezer are now labelled [...]

This week in brief

Happy October and day light savings! Woop woop. Hopefully this means summer is right around the corner.

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