This week in brief

Spring, is that you?

I made a big order for tea samples and received them this week. So exciting – I love tea! I’m slowly trying them out (and making notes – what a GEEK). I’ve only tried 6 out of 29 so far, so I have a lot of drinking to go, but my current fave is Pai mu tan, a white tea that’s really smooth and slightly sweet.

On Thursday Alastair and I had a great steak dinner with Adrian, Chris, Penny and Penny’s mama at Station Hotel. I ordered a Pac man steak (hah, no I didn’t. I had pasture fed sirloin). We were all completely stuffed afterwards, though Adrian somehow managed to inhale a creme brulee for dessert.

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I ate lots of gold kiwifruit this week – they are much more delicious than the normal green ones. I have also been gorging on lots of strawberries. Is it me, or have they been really good so far?

I love these glass tea cups. I purchased one from Oriental Teahouse when I was there for a dumpling class (post coming up next week) and on Thursday I bought myself another one for work. They’re so pretty and practical and are definitely coming in useful in trying all my tea samples.

While the boys watched the first game of the Rugby World Cup, I roasted some chicken marylands, made a green salad and shredded some carrot and celeriac. There will be so much rugby watched in this house over the next six weeks. Whoo. Can you sense my excitement?

Oh, and my chicken was awesome.

Alastair and I had some errands to do on Saturday, and went out for breakfast beforehand. We thought we’d try our luck at The Premises, but it was packed (as always) so we stopped at Spinifex down the street. I’m not eating a lot of things at the moment, which drastically cuts down on the food options available to me, so I was pleased to see an omelette on the menu. This was a mushroom and goat’s cheese omelette with truffle oil and it must’ve contained a truck load of eggs because it was HUGE. I didn’t eat the toast and it still defeated me.

They seem to love their truffle oil at Spinifex, with it appearing on quite a few brunch items. It actually worked quite well with the mushroom in the omelette, and fortunately the goat’s cheese wasn’t too “goaty” for my tastes. I enjoyed it, even though I couldn’t finish it.

And you? What did you get up to this week?