This week in brief

Oh hello! I’m currently sitting in the sun soaking up the sunshine. The cats are stretched out next to me, also soaking up some rays. Cats have good lives, no?

Yes another cat photo – apologies to cat haters – but awwww I love them so. Particularly that big dumb one on the right. SQUISH. This photo is from yesterday night – Alastair and Bro were out, so the cats and I had cuddle time while I caught up on ANTM (go ahead and judge, I am not ashamed).

But back to my week! On Monday, Bro and I went to a wine tasting event. We tried almost every wine in the room – which was rather A LOT. Particularly for a Monday night.

It was good to see some other bloggers there, but a particular shout out goes to Bianca from the Cooking Capers and her partner Cam. These two are so funny and sweet, and we had a great time chatting to them and spouting silly things about the wine, ie “This smells like meatloaf”.

After wine tasting, Thanh suggested we go to our favourite Korean restaurant, Donwoori, for dinner. We dragged April and her husband along, but she was not convinced of the charms of Donwoori. Oh well, more for us! Read my post on Donwoori here.

Bro and I took the tram home, and as soon as we got off the tram (with a 15 min walk ahead of us) it started to rain. Drunk, sans umbrella, and full of and smelling like Korean bbq – we were a sorry pair when we finally got home.

But where was Alastair on Monday night? He was up in Traralgon for work. Disappointed that he missed out on Donwoori, we had to return a couple of nights later so he could get his Korean bbq fix.

“Oh you’re here again,” one of the staff said to me.

Yes, we do love it and the three of us ate a meal that was meant for four people. In addition, I’m pretty sure I ate my weight in kimchi and daikon pickles.

This weekend, after a trip to the market and buying an insane amount of vegetables and meat, I made paleo pancakes using coconut milk and coconut flour. I topped them with crispy bacon, and while Alastair smothered his with maple syrup, I had a teaspoon of honey. They were DELICIOUS.

A couple of months ago, we bought a pressure cooker – and it has been one of the best things we’ve bought in ages! We use it all the time. Yesterday, I cooked up some pig tongues in a spicy tomato sauce using the pressure cooker. It was my first time cooking/eating pig tongue, and though I prefer ox, it was still delicious. I ate some this morning with scrambled eggs and spinach – how’s that for a weird breakfast? 🙂

And now for something very non-paleo – I just baked lemon and coconut friands. They’re a bit flat because I baked them in oval tart tins (where has my friand tin disappeared to?). I ate two – they were wonderful. Chewy, coconutty and lemony, with crispy edges. Quite sweet though, so I’m definitely done with sugar for another week.

Now I’m off to make some kangaroo patties, and dinner tonight will be butter chicken, cooked in the pressure cooker. (We really do use it all the time.)

Hope you’ve all had a good eating week – any highlights?