This week in brief

Hello! How was your week? Here’s a snippet of mine:

On Tuesday, we went to the Dahon tea lounge opening. Dahon is owned by my friend Cherrie, and her brother, Ed, so I was very excited to see it. Located in South Melbourne near the Market, they sell hot and cold teas, and Filipino inspired food and sweets. Congrats on the opening, Cherrie!

Do you know that the State Library has been holding Outside-in Cinema on Wednesday nights? They’ve been showing a selection of animated films or documentaries that’s free to attend. This Wednesday we saw Shakespeare behind bars, a documentary about prisoners who take part in a Shakespeare acting group.

Sadly, I think Outside-in Cinema may be coming to an end this year – I can’t find any more movies listed apart from Atlantis on 28 September.

Then on Thursday night we went to Taste of Melbourne.

For the weekend, our only plans was yum cha at Tao tao house with Allan, Thanh and Kat. I’ve been following the paleo diet for the past couple of weeks, but gave myself a free pass for yum cha. I’m really glad I saved it for this meal – it was great! There was a tendon dish that was AMAZING, and the dim sum was also all very good. Thanks Allan for suggesting it.

Aside from yum cha, I really enjoyed the sunshine this weekend. The cats loved it too, and the sunshine brought on a kitty love fest. Awwwww.