Mart 130

A couple of months ago, I was terribly addicted to Words with Friends (I don’t have much time for it now, as the games that are waiting for my turn will attest). My nemesis was Thanh, and we played many ferocious battles. I was on a winning spree, when I foolishly agreed to upping the stakes and play for a meal. The thing is – I’m not a competitive person. Unlike people who do better when there’s the prospect of winning or losing, I’m the total opposite. Sad, huh?!

Foolish non-competitive me ended up losing three games out of five, which meant I owed Thanh a meal. Curses!

We decided to go to Mart 130 for brunch, a cafe in Middle Park. It’s been around for a while now, so you probably know the story – it’s located at the Middle Park tram stop, and is housed in a converted railway station. In keeping with the public transport theme, Mart is tram backwards, and 130 refers to the light rail stop that’s directly out the front of the cafe (this point is particularly important if you’re ever trying to find it… aye, Thanh?)

The cafe building is quite small, so I took a seat at the back on the deck and waited for Thanh. Who – yes – was lost and had to call me for directions.

“It’s at the tram stop. No, the tram stop. THE TRAM STOP, FIND THE TRAM STOP.” And so on.

Eventually he arrived and we looked over the breakfast menu. The menu has the usual cafe breakfast items – such as porridge, muesli, fresh toast and several variations on eggs. Thanh ordered free range poached eggs with creme fraiche, fresh spinach, smoked salmon, dill, lemon and Yarra Valley salmon roe ($17.90).

I choose oven roasted corn fritters, served with bacon, tomato relish, sour cream and coriander ($17.90)

When Thanh saw my corn fritters, he “asked” if we could share our meals. Barely waiting for me to reply, he dumped half of his meal on my plate and I grudgingly gave him half of my corn fritters. Sheesh. Not only did I have to pay for his brunch, but I had to share mine with him! Gosh I am a good friend. I don’t blame him for having food envy though – they were seriously good corn fritters, packed with lots of plump and sweet corn kernels and the bacon and relish giving extra salt and sweetness.

Thanh’s poached eggs were fine, but didn’t come close to the deliciousness of my meal. So I might not be able to beat him in Words with Friends when it matters, but at least I can choose the better brunch!

Mart 130 is one of those quirky Melbourne cafes that’s just about an institution. Hopefully they never take their corn fritters off the menu, because they’re worth crossing town for.

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  • [googleMap name=”Mart 130″ width=”600″ height=”300″ directions_to=”false”]107 Canterbury Road, Middle Park VIC Australi[/googleMap]

    MART 130
    107 Canterbury Road
    Middle Park
    Phone: (03)9690 8831
    PS: cash only

    Mart 130 on Urbanspoon