Mart 130

A couple of months ago, I was terribly addicted to Words with Friends (I don’t have much time for it now, as the games that are waiting for my turn will attest). My nemesis was Thanh, and we played many ferocious battles. I was on a winning spree, when I foolishly agreed to upping the stakes and play for a meal. The thing is – I’m not a competitive person. Unlike people who do better when there’s the prospect of winning or losing, I’m the total opposite. Sad, huh?!

Foolish non-competitive me ended up losing three games out of five, which meant I owed Thanh a meal. Curses!

We decided to go to Mart 130 for brunch, a cafe in Middle Park. It’s been around for a while now, so you probably know the story – it’s located at the Middle Park tram stop, and is housed in a converted railway station. In keeping with the public transport theme, Mart is tram backwards, and 130 refers to the light rail stop that’s directly out the front of the cafe (this point is particularly important if you’re ever trying to find it… aye, Thanh?)

LuxBite: a cake date

Located in South Yarra, LuxBite opened late last year, and has been embraced by dessert loving bloggers (see below for the epic blog list!) and adorers of sugar, macarons and pretty cakes. Opened by Bernard Chu and Yen Yee, pastry chefs who have worked in restaurants like Rockpool Bar & Grill, Giuseppe Arnaldo & Sons and Comme Kitchen among others), the dessert café specialises in macarons, that pretty little biscuit that’s so hot right now. But they also do pretty good desserts… a lot of desserts… as you shall see!

Nuevo 37: a truffle dinner

Disclosure: I dined courtesy of Nuevo 37 / Hilton Melbourne.

Last week, on a day when an eerie fog crept over Melbourne in the late afternoon, I was down at South Wharf looking for Nuevo 37. You may be wondering where on earth South Wharf is – and honestly, if I hadn’t whipped out maps on my phone, I’d probably have been lost in the fog.

Campari House: She’ll be Apples

Things I’ve learnt: You’ve drank far too much cider when you start talking to strangers about chicken vaginas.

As part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival winter roast series, Campari House again had a set dinner. You may remember that last year we went there for A Toast to Campari House roasts, where we had five courses matched with wine.

This year, Alastair, Bro and I roped in Maria and Daz again and headed to Campari House. This year’s dinner was based around apples and pork, with three savoury courses, one dessert and lots and lots of cider from Kelly Brothers.

Cooking The Books 3: Thai Street Food

I’ve had lots of great eating experiences in the past couple of weeks, but I need to mentally digest them and sort through the photos. So here’s a terribly delayed post with pretty food pictures to start off the weekend instead. 🙂

You may remember a previous Cooking the Books post where a group of us food bloggers caught up and cooked a meal using recipes from Bill Granger’s Holiday. This post is about Cooking the Books 3, where we all cooked recipes out of Thai Street Food. (We’re already planning CTB 6, which just goes to show how far behind I am.)