UK: Borough Market

To market, to market…. Remember that Alastair and I went to the UK last year in September? No? Well, that’s because it felt like a million years ago! I barely remember it myself!

On our last day in London, I gave Alastair a reprieve from hanging out with me and my folks. He headed off to the Science Museum (which I admit is pretty rad) while I took mum and dad to Borough Market. Here are some piccy pics from the market. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this is an indulgent, photo heavy post. 🙂

Mhmmm pork pies.

There’ll also be a follow up post to this… photos from markets we visited in Japan. I find the differences in the food and presentation really interesting.

Do people still drink wheatgrass?

Oh, the pastries.

And the cheese! We bought a small wedge of this one to eat for lunch.

Truffles! I was so tempted to buy a truffle… but we were leaving for Wales the next day, so I wouldn’t have had any occasion to use it.

I settled on some smoked sausage thingies for our lunch instead. It wasn’t the same.

More cheese… we did buy another wedge of a different cheese for lunch as well. There were so many stalls selling cheese – and they gave out samples. Love it.

Don’t they look a bit like they’re lined up to sing a song? Lalalala.

We bypassed the oysters… I was tempted though!

And a bit of cake to finish. Stay tuned for Part 2!