Lord of the Fries voucher winners

Thanks to everyone who left comments, poetry and haikus for the Lord of the Fries vouchers. They were so entertaining!

I drew the winners randomly today, and coincidentally everyone who won left me a haiku/poem. 😀 Mr Potatohead would like to announce the winners:

1: Leaf

My little burger
It is a beautiful day
I shall ravish you.

2: I-Hua

Oh my! Mark Burger,
I really want to eat you,
Decadent Devil!

3: Duncan

Oh Lord! of the Fries
Continuing to surprise
Appetise ing ly

4: Bronwen

A short poem about burgers:
If we can
How we can
Where we can
When we can
Whenever we can
Until we cannot.

5: Samantha de Forest

Tasty spicy sauce
Leafy autumn seeking treats
Lord of pleasing snacks

I’ve sent you all an email, so please check your spam filter if you don’t see it!