Japan: markets

I’ll post the winners of the Lord of the Fries vouchers tomorrow night!

This post is merely photos from a couple of markets when we visited Japan in 2009. I forget exactly which ones now, but there was one in Osaka, and one in Kyoto. I quite like seeing the difference between these photos and the ones from Borough Market. We also went to Tsukiji fish market which warranted its own post. πŸ™‚

Look at that gorgeous ginger! Why is ginger so expensive in Australia?

Fresh eel anyone?

Lots of tempura for sale. I wish we hadn’t visited after breakfast, as we were too full to try any.

If you don’t like fresh eels, how about fugu?

Sashimi on sticks. Again, was cursing the full stomach.

Loved how pretty these candies were.

If you didn’t want a whole fugu, you could just buy the fins.

I really wanted to buy a packet of this cherry blossom tea (so pretty!) but I wasn’t sure it would be allowed back into Australia.

More pretty candy!

Square persimmons. Because… why not?

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