International Cake Pop Incident Party

International Incident Cake Pops Party

Time for another IIP party, and this month the theme is cake pops. Our host, Penny, also has her birthday this month – happy birthday dear! 🙂

I have a bit of a sad tale to tell. I tried making cake pops and failed! Buh bow! And with no time to do redo them, I figured I may as well show that it’s not always success, cupcakes and fairy floss in my kitchen!

I think it just wasn’t meant to be. First, I couldn’t find lollipop sticks – I went to four different shops and couldn’t track any down, so I settled on popsicle sticks. Then, I had a BRILLIANT idea. I thought I’d make cake popsicles (since I had the sticks!) and thought that I might be able to make cheesecake popsicles. Except… they didn’t harden enough to be able to pull them out of the molds. 🙁 I had increased the amount of gelatine in the cheesecake, but obviously didn’t add enough. I tried freezing them, but I was on a limited time schedule and after several hours when they still hadn’t frozen I went to Plan B.

Plan B was freezer cake. Since I didn’t have enough time to bake a cake and let it cool, I decided to use some cupcakes and frosting I had stashed in the freezer. Such a fantastic idea! I defrosted the cakes and frosting, and mixed them together before forming them into balls.

Then I dipped the popsicle sticks into melted chocolate and inserted them into the balls. They were looking good at this stage. I managed to successfully dip one of them into melted chocolate and coat it in crushed biscuits.

Sadly, it was all downhill from there. That one lonely cake pop was my only successful one.

Perhaps my balls were too large and heavy, because I couldn’t get them to stay on the sticks! Look at this sad character – can you hear his cry for help?

I gave up, but I’m sure that the other participants were far more successful in their cake pop attempts! Check them out below, or go to the IIP forum for a round up.