Oat and cherry biscuits

Cookbook Challenge 2011: Fortnight 9, Theme: Crunchy Recipe: Oat and cherry biscuits aka Big Fat Thin Anzac Biscuits Adapted from: Bourke Street Bakery The Easter holiday this year has been fantastic! For any non-Australians, the Easter weekend coincided with Anzac Day, which meant a five day weekend for most people (or a 10 day weekend [...]

Garden Tuscany

Disclosure: I was invited to check out Garden Tuscany. Drinks and sweet things were complimentary, and we returned on a different day and paid for pizzas. If someone said to me, “I’ve opened a cafe in my backyard!” I would think that they were well on their way to CrazyTown. But that’s what Stella and [...]

Hot Cross Buns

Cookbook Challenge 2011: Fortnight 7 Theme: Celebration Recipe: Hot cross buns From: Australian Women’s Weekly Bake We’re backtracking a fortnight to the celebration theme for the Cookbook Challenge, which you may remember I skipped over because I dropped a cake into the sink. Well, I’m back on theme and since it’s Easter, I rather predictably [...]

Din Tai Fung, Sydney

Alastair and I were in Sydney in March to hang out in the Harbour and watch his cousin compete in an 18-foot skiff regatta, like we did last year. Coincidentally Penny and her Mister were also in town so we arranged to meet up for lunch at Din Tai Fung.

International Cake Pop Incident Party

Time for another IIP party, and this month the theme is cake pops. Our host, Penny, also has her birthday this month – happy birthday dear! I have a bit of a sad tale to tell. I tried making cake pops and failed! Buh bow! And with no time to do redo them, I figured [...]

Mr Carsisi, Kyneton

I’ve been meaning to visit Kyneton for years. Literally years. I have a friend at work who lives in Kyneton, and I have worked with her for 7+ years. And that’s how long I’ve been meaning to visit for! Recently I was talking to her about Kyneton, and decided – you know what? Seven years [...]

Cookbook Challenge 2011: Fortnight 8, Eggs

Theme: Eggs Recipe: Tamago Cookbook: AWW Kitchen On to Fortnight 8 of the Cookbook Challenge, and the theme is “eggs”. I doubt anyone is keeping track, but I’ve skipped the 7th theme, which is “celebration”. I baked a cake for celebration, but I’m not going to post it because it turned out to be a [...]

Comme Kitchen

Recently I went on a girls’ night out with friends, Emily and Jo. Nothing dodgy of course, just a nice dinner at a semi-flashy restaurant. We went to Comme Kitchen (a 1-hat restaurant in the Good Food Guide, if you’re into that sort of thing), which is located in a beautiful, historical building down a [...]

Essence Restaurant at the Marriott

Disclosure: Alastair and I dined courtesy of Essence Restaurant. I was invited in for a meal at Essence Restaurant at the Marriott Hotel recently – the publicist said they were inviting bloggers because they wanted to find a new photographer for two (paid) shoots for their 2011 menu. Sounded good to me, so I headed [...]

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