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Alastair and I are quite different, but we have a really good relationship. Part of that is because despite our differences, we have the important things in common. We hold similar political views, are non-religious, and most importantly – neither of us are morning people!

Even though we’re not morning people, we’ve recently started getting up earlier in the weekend. And you know what? There are so many more hours in the day! The day never seems to end! It’s amazing!

Recently on one of our “get up early” Saturdays, we returned to The Premises for coffee and lunch. Because we had been up for several hours already, we had eaten toast for breakfast at home several hours before.

I don’t normally eat sweet things for breakfast (or lunch) but since I had already eaten something savoury that day, I felt like French toast. So I ordered the “strawberries and cream” French toast – French toast with fresh strawberries, vanilla marscapone and a star anise syrup ($14.50). Ohmygod, this was soooo nice. How can something so delicious and full of sugar and fat taste so light? The marscapone was all melty over the toast, and the strawberries and syrup were sweet and fragrant without being cloying. It smelt wonderful too.

Alastair decided to eat something different from what he would normally order and had the smoked kippers on toast with a white bean puree, preserved lemon, dill butter and a soft poached egg ($16.00). I tasted a bit and found it very salty – it was nice but I would have found the saltiness tiring after a while. Alastair said it was good to try, but he didn’t think he would order it again.

Also, the fishy smell from his kippers kept wafting over and disturbing the lovely scent of my French toast. Very annoying – hah.

I’m not sure if I’m remembering things correctly, but I’m fairly certain the menu had expanded a bit since our first visit. Which is great if it has – perhaps I’ll be a more regular customer than I initially thought! There is definitely a lot to like about this cafe.

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