Meal to Share: Russian

It’s the end of the month, which means Celeste, Penny and I are back with another Meal to Share. As always, Meal to Share is our monthly collaboration where we each cook a course for a themed meal – so don’t forget to check out their posts for the rest of the meal. This month’s [...]

Cooking the Books: Bill Granger’s Holiday

I’ve been struck down by man-flu this week (i.e. my pathetic-ness and whingieness about being sickness eclipses my actual illness). Instead of staying home in bed to recover, we’ve had a busy weekend of social events, so I’ve shared my pathetic self with friends (though hopefully I haven’t shared my cold!). One of the social [...]

Kedai Satay

Disclosure: My first meal at Kedai Satay was organised by a friend of the owner who got a group of food bloggers together. It was a complimentary meal that I never got around to writing up. This post is about subsequent visits that I paid for. My background is (Hong Kong) Chinese, but I grew [...]

International Incident Sundae Party

Melbourne has been humid, humid, humid lately. This has been a weird summer – LOTS of rain and very little of the dry heat that stretches for days, that is more usual of our summers. Thank you La Nina, you can stop now. Well, at least ice cream is good for any type of heat [...]

Cookbook Challenge: Fortnight 4, Love

Theme: Love 1st Recipe: Braised beef brisket with chilli and tamarind sauce Cookbook: Blue Ginger 2nd Recipe: Pecan Chai Pie on Cashew Crust Cookbook: Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen The theme for this week’s Cookbook Challenge is “love”. Love, love, love. I’m very fortunate in love – I’m married to my best friend and the love [...]

Wooga Korean Restaurant

Is it immature to want to eat at a restaurant merely because of it’s name? If so, count me as immature because I was keen to eat at Wooga for that exact reason! Woooooooga woooooga. (Someone please stop me.) Wooga is a Korean barbeque restaurant located across the road from the Queen Victoria market, in [...]

Cookbook Challenge, Fortnight 3: Rice/Noodles

Theme: Rice/Noodles Recipe: Lamb Biryani From: Betty Crocker’s Indian Home Cooking The theme for this fortnight’s Cookbook Challenge is “rice/noodles”. I choose to do something with rice dish and something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time – biryani. Biryani is a layered rice dish made with spices and meat or vegetables. The [...]

Café Vue: Melbourne Airport T2

On Australia Day last week, Alastair and I celebrated by jetting off to New Zealand. Yes, very patriotic indeed! Our flight was early in the morning, so we skipped breakfast and took the opportunity to eat at the newish Café Vue at the Melbourne Airport international terminal. This Café Vue outlet is open rather long [...]

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