Singapore: MOS Burger

This is a rewind to our UK trip last year – that I never got around to properly writing up!

So, it’s fairly apparent from this blog that I like food. I like all kinds of food. I like the occasional super duper crazy expensive high end dining, and I also like the occasional trashy fast food. I don’t mind admitting that we sometimes eat at McDonalds (though I do draw the line at Hungry Jacks – now that shit is disgusting). Some evenings we eat really well – I’ll cook an elaborate feast that has taken hours in the kitchen – and other evenings it’s toast and canned soup. So it’s in that fast food vein that I present to you: MOS BURGER!

We spent most of our time in Singapore seeing friends, but one day we were wandering around the malls (as you do in Singapore) when we came across MOS Burger. We ate at MOS Burger only once in Japan, so we were very excited to see it!

MOS Burger is the second largest fast food franchise in Japan (after McDonalds), and there are also outlets in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. And what does MOS mean? It stands for mountains, ocean, sun (cute!).

Alastair had to have a snack straight away, even though we had eaten lunch a couple of hours earlier. I am so jealous of his metabolism. Sigh.

He had the hot yakiniku rice burger – rice burger “buns” filled with slices of beef, chilli infused spicy-sweet miso, and pieces of green capscium. It was good, but it was so messy!

We returned for a proper meal later in the day, and both had the Spicy MOS Burger. Like the rice burger, it was so, so messy to eat – the sauce dripped everywhere – but it was great. Juicy pattie, spicy sauce and a big slice of tomato. The chips were good too.

I wish a MOS Burger would open here! The burgers look small (by Australian standards anyway) but somehow the portions seem just right? Maybe it’s because we were eating them in Singapore and the heat meant I wasn’t very hungry. Still… MOS Burger in Australia campaign – who’s with me??