Singapore: MOS Burger

This is a rewind to our UK trip last year – that I never got around to properly writing up!

So, it’s fairly apparent from this blog that I like food. I like all kinds of food. I like the occasional super duper crazy expensive high end dining, and I also like the occasional trashy fast food. I don’t mind admitting that we sometimes eat at McDonalds (though I do draw the line at Hungry Jacks – now that shit is disgusting). Some evenings we eat really well – I’ll cook an elaborate feast that has taken hours in the kitchen – and other evenings it’s toast and canned soup. So it’s in that fast food vein that I present to you: MOS BURGER!

We spent most of our time in Singapore seeing friends, but one day we were wandering around the malls (as you do in Singapore) when we came across MOS Burger. We ate at MOS Burger only once in Japan, so we were very excited to see it!

Lime chiffon pie *

Cookbook Challenge 2011: Fortnight 2
Theme: Citrus
Recipe: Lime chiffon pie
From: AWW Kitchen

Last year for the citrus theme I made a not entirely successfully rice and lemon rice soufflé. For this fortnight’s Cookbook Challenge, I’ve opted for a simple, no bake, lime chiffon pie. Yes, that’s right – no baking involved! Which makes it a perfect dessert to make on a hot summer’s day when you don’t want to turn the oven on.

Bistro Vue

I’ve only mentioned this briefly here – my parents arrived in mid December for a month long visit and it was FABULOUS. In exchange for teaching them how to use iphones and stocking mum up with computer games to play, they did all the house drudgery – buying groceries, cooking dinner, cleaning, and laundry. Life was good! I joked that it was like having a housekeeper… except I didn’t have to pay them! (It really was just like that, hah!) Sadly they left on Saturday, so it’s now back to regular life for me. Boohoo!

On the evening that mum and dad arrived, Bro and I picked them up at the airport, deposited them at home, and then dashed out the door as we were running late for Maria’s birthday dinner. Maria’s partner, Daz, had organised dinner at Bistro Vue as a surprise – isn’t that sweet!

Because there was a large group of us, we had to order off a set menu, with 2 courses for $70 or 3 courses for $80, including tea and coffee. Three or four choices of dish were available for each course.


Baby chili cheese dogs

For the first International Incident Party for 2011, we’re all about hot dogs. True to form, I’ve left it to the very last minute and was up early this morning to finish cooking, assembling and photographing my dish. However, the cats were super happy to see me so early and lots of purring and head butting ensured. Awwness! (Though they were probably happier that they were being fed early rather than at seeing me!)

International Incident Hot Dog Party


Cookbook Challenge 2011: Fortnight 1, Stonefruits

Theme: Stone fruits
Recipe: Apricot and cardamom fool
Book: Ballymaloe Cookery Course

The theme for the first Cookbook Challenge this year is “stone fruits”. And while I love summer and summer fruits, my tastes lean more towards mangoes, lychees and berries rather than stone fruits like peaches, apricots, nectarines and plums. So while I could’ve stretched the theme for this week and used mangoes or lychees – I mean, they do have stones IN THEM – I opted to pick up some apricots and nectarines instead.

Charcoal Lane: dessert

About a billion years ago – or a few months, depending on how much you like hyberbole – we had dinner on Smith Street with Maria and Daz.

Dinner was okay, but wasn’t quite satisfying enough for us to want to eat dessert there. So when Maria suggested we head to Charcoal Lane for dessert, we packed up and headed down.

When there, the boys selected individual desserts (priced at $16-$17) while Maria and I decided to share the dessert platter for two ($34)

Let me tell you – if you’re ordering dessert and there’s two of you – order the dessert platter. Because we basically received three full sized desserts in all AND we got to try all the sweet desserts (there was also a cheese option that wasn’t on the platter). Win win!

The Cookbook Challenge 2011

The Cookbook Challenge is back again this year! Last year we did 52 themes over 52 weeks, which was A LOT of work, and I only just managed to scrap my way to the finish. This year, we’ve revamped it so there’s a new theme every fortnight and all blog links will be posted on a forum that Penny is hosting.

Do you own a lot of cookbooks but never use them? Join us! I enjoyed myself last year and it definitely made me use my cookbooks a lot more. I won’t deny that it took a fair amount of thought and effort, but it should be easier this year since it’s only fortnightly!

There are 26 themes, one each fortnight. Every fortnight, you’ll need to interpret the theme and cook a dish (or several if you’re really enthusiastic!) from your cookbooks. An entry should be posted on your blog before the end of the fortnight, and you’ll need to post a link on the forum. You’ll have to sign up for an account first, but when you’ve registered and joined the Cookbook Challenge group, this will be easy!

Here are the themes:

Fortnight 1 Saturday 1/01/2011 Stonefruit
Fortnight 2 Saturday 15/01/2011 Citrus
Fortnight 3 Saturday 29/01/2011 Rice/noodles
Fortnight 4 Saturday 12/02/2011 Love
Fortnight 5 Saturday 26/02/2011 Outdoors
Fortnight 6 Saturday 12/03/2011 American
Fortnight 7 Saturday 26/03/2011 Celebration
Fortnight 8 Saturday 9/04/2011 Eggs
Fortnight 9 Saturday 23/04/2011 Crunchy
Fortnight 10 Saturday 7/05/2011 Blue
Fortnight 11 Saturday 21/05/2011 Cup
Fortnight 12 Saturday 4/06/2011 Spice
Fortnight 13 Saturday 18/06/2011 Dessert
Fortnight 14 Saturday 2/07/2011 Hearty
Fortnight 15 Saturday 16/07/2011 European
Fortnight 16 Saturday 30/07/2011 Soups
Fortnight 17 Saturday 13/08/2011 Baked
Fortnight 18 Saturday 27/08/2011 Roast
Fortnight 19 Saturday 10/09/2011 Green
Fortnight 20 Saturday 24/09/2011 Asian
Fortnight 21 Saturday 8/10/2011 Childhood
Fortnight 22 Saturday 22/10/2011 Breakfast
Fortnight 23 Saturday 5/11/2011 Red
Fortnight 24 Saturday 19/11/2011 Seafood
Fortnight 25 Saturday 3/12/2011 Cool
Fortnight 26 Saturday 17/12/2011 Christmas