Pocky/Pejoy series: Green Tea Mousse Pocky

Told you I was going to get through these Pocky/Pejoy posts! 🙂 Today we’ve got Green Tea Mousse Pocky up for tasting.

Like the Mango Mousse Pocky, the Green Tea version had a thick layer of cream around the biscuit. There was a mild green tea flavour, with that slight bitterness associated with green tea. It was only mild though, however the flavour lingered and most unfortunately, it had a weird aftertaste.

They were okay, but with the strange aftertaste and not enough green tea oomph, I wouldn’t make these my first choice.

Hopefully future Mousse Pocky sticks will redeem themselves! I’m starting to wonder if perhaps the original Pocky can’t be improved on…

(And look! No paint!)

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