The Premises

I love a leisurely weekend cafe brunch, but I have quite specific brunch desires when it comes to eating out – the café must have interesting sounding savoury options. I don’t want to eat somewhere that just does eggs and toast and muesli. I can eat that at home!

Alastair and I were down in Kensington Village the other weekend, and there appears to be a couple of new cafes that have opened up. We had breakfast at The Premises, located on the corner of Bellair Street and Macaulay Road. If you’re familiar with the Village, it’s the funny L shaped shop that has an entrance on both streets.

The food menu is short, and relatively basic – muesli, toast, French toast, a couple of egg options, a few sandwich/roll options, and a slow roasted pulled pork dish that sounded intriguing but would have been too heavy for me for breakfast.

Alastair had the creamed corn and fried egg with cumin salt on toast ($14.50). It sounded good on the menu, but I decided not to order it because I had a suspicion that it was basically going to be a dollop of creamed corn on toast with a fried egg. Lo and behold, my suspicion was correct. This isn’t a criticism of the quality of the dish – it tasted good, and Alastair really enjoyed it – I would just kick myself if I ordered something that I could cook in five minutes.

I had the Ras el Hanout baked beans ($13.50) and – they were delicious. The beans were actually one of the nicest baked beans I’ve eaten! They were rich and lightly spicy, and served with a chilli, garlic and coriander pesto on top, as well as some smooth salty feta. I also liked how there were different types of beans in it, which gave further interest to the dish.

I liked The Premises, but it doesn’t have enough variation on the food menu for me to become a regular. The coffee is good though, so I’m sure I’ll be back for the occasional visit (and in fact, we met Maria and Daz for a coffee there the weekend after this visit).

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