Pocky/Pejoy series: Mango Mousse Pocky

It’s time for another flavour in the Pocky/Pejoy series!

This time we have Mango Mousse Pocky. Whats the difference between mousse Pocky and normal Pocky? I’m not 100% sure, but it seems that the mousse sticks have a thicker cream coating around the biscuit stick.

Like other Pocky flavours, inside the packet were two 24g foil packages. When I opened one, there was a very strong mango candy fragrance.

Tastewise, the sticks weren’t very sweet and they only had a faint mango flavour. I was surprised – the aroma of the mango was much stronger than the flavour.

My verdict: they were okay, but just okay. I wouldn’t hurry out for them.

Oh, and please excuse the yucky, wrinkly, paint splattered fingers…. we were painting the day I took these photos!

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