Naked for Satan: Siblings who Lunch

Thank goodness for the Melbourne Cup. If it wasn’t for the fact that in Melbourne we get the day off for a horse race, there would be a long, cold stretch between June and December with no public holidays to look forward to. The other good thing about the Melbourne Cup? Since it’s always on a Tuesday, taking the Monday off means a four day weekend. Hooray for long weekends!

Bro and I both took the Monday before Melbourne Cup off, so I suggested we go out for lunch. We headed to Naked for Satan, a newly(ish) opened bar in Fitzroy that serves pintxos. Pintxos are a typical snack of the Basque region in Spain, and are related to tapas – they consist of a mixture of ingredients on top of a small slice of bread and fastened with a toothpick.

At Naked for Satan, the price of each pintxos is $2. You help yourself to the selection at the bar, hanging on to the toothpicks to figure out the bill at the end. But they currently have an opening special during lunchtime from Monday to Friday, with each pintxos marked down to 50 cents. 50 cents people!

Naked for Satan is rather slickly fitted out. There’s a large bar on the left hand side, with trays of assorted pintxos set out, and on the right hand side are several round tables. A large column in the middle of the room comes from old distillation equipment that was uncovered when the bar was renovated. Deeper into the bar, it splits into a couple of levels and is much larger than it initially looks. At the back is a large wall decorated with numerous images of naked and semi-naked people. It’s classier than it sounds – honest!

Bro and I didn’t waste much time upon arrival – we grabbed a plate each and went to town. Okay, I went to town. Bro was far more restrained for his first go. I would have liked to have tried one of each but there were over twenty different types laid out.

In addition to the pintxos by the bar, staff also occasionally walked around trays of hot options such as meatball, potato with tallegio, and several different kinds of croquettes.

Other available cold pintxos that I sampled included tortilla with aioli, chilli mussel with chickpea puree and capers, a pissaladiere inspired option with anchovy and onion, scallop with pea puree and cherry tomato, crumbed eggplant, and quince, walnut and blue cheese.

There were plenty, plenty more that I didn’t have space in my stomach for. I enjoyed all the ones I did have room for, and particularly remember loving the scallop one, which came with a huge scallop, and the pissaladiere one.

And there was even a dessert one! Check out the little chocolate filled cannoli.

Folks, these little morsels are a fricken BARGAIN. Even at the normal price of $2 they’re worth the price, but at 50 cents, it is AMAZING AMAZING value. Bro and I spent $6 each on food (yes, we ate a lot!!).

Get thee to Satan while they’re still doing the opening special! Or even beyond it – I’ll definitely be back to sample some drinks and more of those delicious pintxos.

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