Asian snack food tasting

The idea for an Asian snack food tasting session came out of a Twitter convo with Thanh, Adrian and others. It was one of those ideas that sounded fantastic – a group of us getting together for lunch and tasting dried cuttlefish and dried mangoes. Thanh organised a lunch meet up at Old Town Kopitiam [...]

International Incident Eggs Party

For the International Incident Party this month, we are celebrating the humble egg. Eggs are amazing (eggmazing? Sorry. Couldn’t resist!). You can eat them raw, cooked, or put them in savoury dishes, sweet dishes, or baked goods – they’re so versatile. The properties of eggs make them invaluable in baking and cooking. Egg yolks have [...]

Cookbook Challenge: Week 45, Raw

Recipe: Ceviche with coconut dressing From: Marie and Claire Food and Drink I really struggled with the theme for the Cookbook Challenge this week, which was “raw”. At first I thought I would do a salad, but none of the salads I found that were completely raw excited me. But if there’s one thing doing [...]

Mooncake making: Mid-Autumn Festival

On Sunday, I spent a fun couple of hours at

Cookbook Challenge: Week 44, Chinese

Recipe: Sticky Asian Pork Belly From: Donna Hay Simple Essentials: Lamb, Beef and Pork It’s Chinese week for the Cookbook Challenge, and I didn’t have a plan for this week. What?! How did that happen? Being Chinese, I should have had a TON of ideas. Maybe I had too many options and was paralysed by [...]

J Café / Sushi Burger

I used to work in the city, but after changing jobs last year, I’m stuck in St Kilda. The pocket of St Kilda where I work is not pretty. For one, there’s elephant sized dog poo everywhere, and there’s also the occasional person squatting in the gutter and taking a piss (yes that really happened, [...]

Cookbook Challenge: Week 43, Crunchy

Recipe: Salt and vinegar baked chips Inspired from: Donna Hay, Simple Essentials: Salads and Vegetables The theme for the Cookbook Challenge this week is “crunchy” and initially I thought I would do a salad of some sort. But despite the fact that it’s slowly warming up in Melbourne, it’s still not quite salad weather. Any [...]

Cafe Vue: cocktail night

Isn’t it funny how some experiences feel like they happened yesterday, and how some feel like decades have passed? Looking back at my blog, I can’t believe that we last went to Café Vue for the cocktail night over two years ago. It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago! How did we let [...]

Cookbook Challenge: Week 42, Bird

Recipe: Harissa and yoghurt baked chicken From: Simple essentials: Chicken The theme for this week’s Cookbook Challenge is “bird”. While I had grand ideas of doing duck, turkey or quail, it didn’t eventuate and I stuck with the common chook. But we had duck for dinner last night! Does that count? (No, no, I guess [...]

Café Vue at 401 St Kilda Road

It was my Bro’s birthday earlier this month, and we took him out for a spontaneous birthday lunch to celebrate. I have eaten at the St Kilda Road version of Café Vue a couple of times for breakfast/brunch, but have never ordered off their menu de jour. So a a birthday was the perfect excuse [...]

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