Gnocchi party: potato gnocchi with blue cheese sauce

Welcome to the gnocchi party! I am just turning up on time to the party – but in my defense it has been a busy week. My mother-in-law Annette, and her husband Terry, have been visiting, and so we have been out all week (it has been a major eating week!). A few weeks ago, […]

Japan: Kyoto – cooking class

After a bit of a break, I’m back with another Japan post! Bear with me, I only have a couple left to write. While in Kyoto, we did a cooking class where we made rolled sushi, miso soup, and spinach salad with a roasted sesame dressing. And then we ate it for lunch! For the […]

Cookbook Challenge: Week 14, Japanese

Recipe: Japanese Mushroom NoodlesFrom: Lighten Up A very quick post for the Cookbook Challenge this week. I have a lot to do tonight because Alastair and I are off to Sydney tomorrow evening for a long weekend. His cousin is sailing in a regatta, so we are going up to watch him (hopefully) win! The […]

Moist chocolate beetroot cake ***

Kindly ignore the big crack in my cake, thank you.Cookbook Challenge: Week 13, Love Recipe: Moist chocolate beetroot cakeFrom: Nigel Slater’s Tender Oh, it’s Valentine’s Day! And Chinese New Year! Rather aptly, this week’s theme for the Cookbook Challenge is “love” and this week I’m breaking out a Nigel Slater recipe because I love his […]

Footscray Lunar New Year Festival

We went to the Footscray Lunar New Year Festival recently – Chinese New Year is tomorrow, but the Festival was held a couple of weeks ago. It was a hot and windy day, so we showed up at Footscray early in an effort to beat the heat. We did a quick lap of all the […]

Cookbook Challenge: Week 12, Eggs

Recipe: Oozy egg ravioliFrom: Cook with Jamie Eggs are stupid,Eggs are dumb,So take the eggsAnd stick em up your…….. The theme for this week’s Cookbook Challenge is “eggs” and I actually don’t think eggs are stupid nor dumb. I love eggs! My favourite way of eating them is poached, with a still oozy yolk. Which […]

Spiced aubergine stew

I received Nigel Slater’s Tender for my birthday in December – and it has quickly become one of my favourite cookbooks. Every time I read a bit of it, it makes me want to eat and grow vegetables! The book is set out alphabetically, with each chapter dealing with a different vegetable in the garden […]

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