Japan: Tsukiji fish market + sashimi breakfast

Note: This is a photo heavy post! And a warning to anyone who may be squeamish or who doesn’t like to see dead animals, there’s lots of pictures of dead fish ahead. While in Tokyo, we visited the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market / Tsukiji fish market to see the tuna auction. We left our [...]

Plane food: Cathay Pacific

And we are back! We had a fantastic time in Japan and I have many, many food tales and a gazillion photos. We flew to Japan on Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong, mostly so I could stop there and hang out with my mum on the way back. It was really nice to have that [...]


Note: This is a scheduled post – Alastair and I are currently in Hong Kong and will be back home soon. Normal programming will resume shortly! At my old job, I had a terrible habit of not taking breakfast to work, and buying breakfast at the cafe in our building. I also had a bad [...]

Horoki: lunch

Note: This is a scheduled post. Alastair and I are still in Japan and will be off to HK in the next couple of days! At my old job, JC (a colleague) and I would tally up favours that we would do for each other. We would mark up the favours on a whiteboard, and [...]

Horoki: Dinner

Note: This is a scheduled post, Alastair and I are currently eating our way through Japan! A couple of weeks ago, Alastair and I had dinner with Maria and Daz at Horoki. We ordered several dishes to share. The first item out was a sashimi and daikon salad. The salad consisted of finely shredded daikon, [...]

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