Vanilla vanilla cupcakes

Note: This is a scheduled post – Alastair and I are currently on holiday! When I told Twinsy that I was interested in making vanilla cupcakes, she lent me her Crapapple Bakery cupcake cookbook and told me to try the vanilla cupcake recipe. The book says that the vanilla cupcake is the biggest seller at […]

Farewell lunch at Takumi

Not only was yesterday my last day before going on four weeks leave, it was also my last day at my current job. Sadness! A crowd of us went out for a farewell lunch at Takumi, a Japanese restaurant that specialises in wagyu. I had the wagyu pattie bento box ($13.80). Inside the bento box […]

Cheese party and Rogan Josh

Alastair and I are going on holiday soon (Tuesday in fact). We’re going away for almost four weeks, so last weekend I organised a catch up dinner with Dany, Ben and Lisa. Randomly, Lisa and I have a couple of running jokes relating to cheese. One is about a travelling cheese salesman, and another one […]

Vietnamese Coconut Waffles

After Alastair and I rolled out of bed one Sunday, we wandered into the kitchen in search of food. Alastair started making coffees, while I stared blankly into the fridge and tried to think of what we could eat. Suddenly – bing! Waffles! I went online and started searching for a waffle recipe. I found […]

Q Eleven

The other weekend Alastair and I started things off with a rather good brunch at Q Eleven. It must’ve been a sign of things to come because we enjoyed good eating for the rest of the weekend. That evening we met up with Maria and Daz for dinner at Horoki before going to see Tripod. […]


“Flan, flan, it’s our plan! If you can’t flan it, no one can!” Yep, that’s my daggy flan chant. And yes, I chanted it around the house after I had made flan (flan!). The other week we went to see the lovely Emily and Mark. I was pretty excited because we were going to meet […]

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