Homemade baked beans

I admit to liking some really crap food. For example, even though I know it’s dreadful, I have a soft spot for canned spaghetti with “sausages”. Canned baked beans, however…. Ergh. I’ve never liked canned baked beans and I’m not sure why. I love beans. I love things that have been stewed in tomato based [...]

Gills Diner: Ladies who lunch

It’s been a long time between Ladies Lunches. Last month I caught up with my friend Emily for a spontaneous lunch. We met at Journal Canteen, but unfortunately it was chock-a-block when we arrived, so we wandered up to Gills Diner instead. And what a good idea that was! We had a wonderful lunch. (Excuse [...]

Soup Sunday: Celeriac, cauliflower and leek

The soup this week was really thanks to the efforts of my Bro. I did the directing, while he did all the grunt work. Naturally I took the glory! It’s a pretty good way to cook – I highly recommend it. I picked up a massive celeriac at the market, and the only way I [...]

French onion soup

Welcome to the Super Duper Long Weekend Edition of Soup Sunday! Since we had a long weekend, I decided to do a soup that was a bit more special than my “dump stuff in a pot” usuals. I started by making beef stock the day before, roasting bones and vegetables before letting them simmer together [...]

Chocolate and pear muffins with chocolate syrup

Hooray for long weekends! I spent the bulk of it cooking – it was nice to get back in the kitchen and be enthused and excited again. On Saturday we went to visit my dear friend Emily, her partner Mark and their lovely wee girl Audrey. Em and Mark bought their first house recently and [...]

Curried pumpkin and kumara soup + onion focaccia

Gosh, I’m running a bit late with the Soup Sunday post – it’s almost Sunday again! (And I have a super duper long weekend edition planned. Oh my!). The soup for this Sunday helped me use up bits and pieces – one of the reasons I love making soup! I had a few kumara (sweet [...]

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